Is CashCrates a scam? Nothing else but surveys

Have you thought of earning some cash doing some survey? There are a few in the market such as Survey Monkey, Swagbucks and now, Cashcrates.

If you are thinking of to earn some money, you might want to try  these online survey portals. Anyway, I am still very cautious on doing online survey while getting paid. If you are willing to try, then why not, there is even a referral so you can get paid when your referral do the survey. Heh.. but is it worth the effort? 

Let’s find out on Cashcrates

Cash Crate Review Summary

Product Name:  CashCrate

Owner:  Unknown from UK

Product Type:  Online survey portal  

Target For: All users

Summary: CashCrate is a site where users can participate in several surveys to earn cash rewards. The site that act like a middle man between members that wants to participate in surveys to earn rewards. 

Recommended:  Yes

Product Rating: 1/5 Stars

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a site that allows users to hook up with online surveys and to earn cash rewards. From the very start when you click on the website site, you will be brought to the log in page. 

You have to enter your particulars, email address, password and all done.

You have to answer a bunch of questions about your age, income, marital status, etc. Thereafter, after completing your profile, you earned a couple of dollars in a few minutes. It is simple actually, just jump right into the surveys and start to do them. However, it depends on your profile and you might get denied to do the survey and have to redo all over-again.    

You can also watch tutorial videos and earn a couple of cents and you have to earn $20 to be required for a paid out. It is totally a waste of my time and please, if you want to keep your email, create a new email and don’t be so foolish to give them your personal email and be flooded with spam mails.

Inside CashCrate

Yes, you can make money with CashCrate by completing surveys. 

It is very frustrating if you don’t qualify for the surveys and by completing the survey, you may get a few bucks. Like most survey portals, CashCrate available are ones that have been outsourced to third parties and this means less earnings. 

There are some survey sites that you can make more and quickly by completing surveys but if you are adamant on CashCrate, then you are not able to make as much payout than other better survey portal sites. 

You can also make some money on CashCrate by watching videos, read adverts, etc but the payout is so low. Do not waste your time, you have other better things to do. There are also games and contests where you can win prizes and socialize with other members.

Good or Bad Choice?

Although, I am not into doing surveys to as an income, I can say the experience is not very welcoming. 

You may want to see the Pros and Cons as follows:


  • You can make some money doing surveys and watching videos.


  • Waste of your time and money as money doing the surveys are so minimal.
  • You will not learn anything from doing surveys and watching videos.
  • Email will be sent to third party sites and your email will be flooded with spam mails. 

Is CashCrate a scam?

From my view, it is not a scam as it is free to use and by referring them to your friends or colleagues, you can actually earn money with it, not much actually.

For me, it is not worth your time doing surveys. There are many other alternatives to increase your income than doing surveys and watching videos.

There are a couple of alternative survey sites you can click on such as Sawgbucks (I am not affiliated to Swagbucks). It has a better payout and more systematic.  

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