Is Kevin Zhang a Scam? - Can You Trust This Guy?

Is Kevin Zhang a Scam?

You are about to watch your favourite YouTube channel and this ad pop up and interrupt. I mean, who else but that young guy who self proclaimed who make 20 millions of dollars through drop shipping. He is Kevin Zhang, who appears on Fobes and speak about his success. Are you wondering is Kevin Zhang a Scam?

What is Kevin Zhang teaching?

He is telling the world of fake gurus to watch out. He is teaching real stuff about drop shipping, while others guru are teaching out dated and things that no longer work. He even mentions that don’t build a scam looking drop shipping sites.

ECommerce Millionaire Mastery

He launched a course name eCommerce Millionaire Mastery which cost $1997. It is way too expensive and there is no guarantee it will work.

You can learn this knowledge on Udemy for just $10 or even free on YouTube.

Kevin Zhang and His Partner DMs Exposed

Thanks to eCommerce Baller, who share this video!


From the above video, you can know is Kevin Zhang legit or not. We do not recommend you to waste your money on any of his courses. Keep your money for paying bills and foods.  

You can also check out other Youtube channel that expose Kevin Zhang shady tactic. 

CoffeeZilla –

Aymethod –


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