Is Mr Think Out of The Box a Scam?

Is Mr Think Out of The Box a Scam?

Product Name: Mr Think Out of The Box
Product Owner: Jubril
Website: (not affiliate links)
Price: Unknown
Rating: Disappointed

Is Mr Think Out of The Box a Scam?


It is not by words of mouth or recommend by someone about this product which we going through later. I’m going Thailand, Chiangmai for a short trip so I want to look for places for relaxing and couple of drinks. This is how I found this guy call the founder of Mr Think out of the box.

I like his YouTube video, he is an experienced traveller. I have been to different parts of Thailand, but not Chiangmai. His videos show, which pub and bars play what kind of music and type of crowd. Then in his video description I found his website teaching people how to make money online.

I’m curious is his product Mr think out of the box a scam? He has a different style and approach from other gurus or online program. You can see other guru YouTube channel teaches you how to get started online or selling you all kinds of get rich systems. But not this guy, he just does what he likes most travelling.

So how exactly he do it? I look for his product online read some reviews and most give positive reviews, this product is from Clickbank. The sales page shows what you going to learn and what you going to get. There’s something missing, there no check out to purchase his product. How can I buy and test it?

I went back to his YouTube channel opt in my email to his landing page. Ok, what next? I receive an email from his auto responder. His very first email turns me off completely.

Is Mr Think Out of The Box a Scam?

His own product already taken, he is creating a new product and fine tune for perfection. So no wonder his initial product has no checkout button on his sales page. You know what, his very first approach is to sell me his friend by the name Robert Nava product Ecom Experts Academy which cost $67. The price of the product seem affordable but it claims you can build $270k Shopify machine in 2 weeks. This first email kills it off, what will be the following email? More products coming to my inbox?

Ecom Experts Academy

Ecom Experts Academy


Since I have open up his first email I carry to watch his video at least I want to know he was going to present. His video is pretty short and straightforward. In the video he didn’t sell your dream or tell you online business is easy. I got to agree with him that love what you do and you don’t even work for a day.

He even advise you not to quit your current job and make proper time management to start your business.
There a link back to his YouTube to channel to gain more subscriber. Which seem healthy and no hard selling.


So our online tour guide Jubril aka Mr think out of the box a scam? In my opinion, I don’t think he is a scam. He is just doing what other online business owner doing. He is promoting other people product as an affiliate marketer. If you end up buying what he promote to you, he makes a commission.

What I don’t like is that his first email sending me a product to buy. Without I know what is it, if he can explain more on how that product help him or provide some reviews of his own. It gives better understanding. Or he can give some free guides on how he get started online. I might be looking forward for his next email.

Jubril Youtube: Nightlife in Chiang Mai , Thailand “Complete Tourist Guide”

I am not stopping you to test out the product he try sell you. And if you have bought it or use it, I like to hear from you. Nevertheless, I will continue to watch his YouTube channel for free travel guide. If you are going to travel overseas for holidays, I recommend you to watch it too.

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What you think of Jubril aka Mr think Out of The Box? Feel to drop your comment below. Thanks

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