Is Warrior Forum a scam?

Is Warrior Forum a Scam? – Too Many Fake Warriors

Website Name: Warrior Forum
Website: (not affiliate links)
Price: Free, War Room $97
Rating: 40/100

Is Warrior Forum a scam?

The most desire place to look for help in internet marketing is it known as Warrior Forum? It is a popular forum for newbies to all levels of internet marketers gathering place. I decided to take a look and find out myself what actually it is and most important of all is Warrior Forum a scam?

What is it?

As you can see the title is clearly telling you it is a forum website. It breaks into lot of sections with all sort category you can go to. From website building, SEO, backlinks, email marketing and whatever have to do with internet marketing topic. It also a marketplace for season marketers to sell internet marketing products.


• Free to join
• Lot of free information


• Lot of fake gurus
• Too many shiny objects
• Overwhelming
• Shopping place for internet marketing product instead of learning

I put myself as a total newbie when I sign up WF for a free account. I feel so lost in a cross junction, not sure which route should I take. It doesn’t seem well organized, all I can see it all heavily promoted by WF members.

It seems like everyone is an expert giving you advice, but actually try to sell you their product or affiliate links. There are products that I know or tried before which is total crap, but there are fake gurus telling you that works.

I make a pass on War Zone which cost $97, I chose not join. As I am not looking to end up in a real war where I need to put up my gear fighting in a battle field. So I have not commented on that.

Who Should Join Warrior Forum

As you can see there are too many paths for you to choose in WF. It is confusing for a beginner who do not know where to start. You need a clear step by step on how to get started. I never see a baby able to walk before they learn to crawl.

If you have already passed beginner level, you can join in the royal rumble in WF. Try hard to sell affiliate products or your own product. If you are a person who believe in giving value to others you won’t do that too.

One of the member clearly comment that WF is designed to keep people buying WSOs (Warrior Special Offers).

Is Warrior Forum a Scam?



So is Warrior Forum a scam? It depends on how you look at it. I personally do not think the owners of the website initial plan to create a platform to scam. Most of users making use the platform to create an opportunity for themselves.

Is Warrior Forum a scam site?

Football fans going to the stadium to watch and support their team play. Whether their team win or lose, they will be sore loser who makes football fans look bad. So not all WF members are bad, it is just not suitable for the beginner to be in there.

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Are you a member of Warrior Forum and what do you like and dislike about it? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks



3 thoughts on “Is Warrior Forum a Scam? – Too Many Fake Warriors”

  1. A few Warrior Forum members contacted me about the seller. It turns out that after he stole money from me he added a fake testimonial from me. I warned them not to do business with them and they were appreciative of me saving them from losing cash. The seller makes money by sending messages to other members on the forum every day saying he has an email list and can sell traffic. He s an active member on the site, which is what dupes many people into buying from him.

  2. All WSO propositions I ever got from the warrior forum have turned out to be scams. Furthermore, Freelancer – which is the owner of the warrior forum – itself is a scam run by assholes. They’ve set up the sales conditions in such a way that once registered, you cannot get out of it any more. You end your registration, but they still charge you 97$ annually in such a way that Paypal cannot refund you !!

    Once you are registered you cannot get out anymore !!

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