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Is Hive Work a Scam? – Earn Dollars Through Simple Tasks

One of the most popular ways nowadays to make money online is through GPT sites, and Hive Micro is one of them. When I heard about this GPT, I immediately visited their site and signed-up for an account with them so I could check how this site works.

Is Hive Work a scam? Does it really pay? How can we earn here?

Let’s find out in this Hive Work review everything about it and we’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly truth that I have found on this popular site.

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But if you really want to try GPT sites so you can earn some extra cash alongside your main income source, then let’s proceed with this review.

Hive Work Review Summary

Hive Work Logo

Name: Hive Work


Owner: Hive (

Type: GPT Website and Mobile Application

Price: Free          

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Hive Work is a GPT site that allows people from all over the world to earn extra money by completing small jobs or micro tasks.

Product Score
Total 70%

Recommended:  Yes. But.

What is Hive Work?

Hive Work is a Get-paid-to website developed by Hive AI that pays people from all over the world to perform small jobs. Some of the jobs include typing some texts, drawing boxes, text transcription, categorizing, identifying movies, TV shows, and more. They claim to have already paid up to $2M to 100,000 people through completing more than two billion (2B+) tasks since they started. Consist of more than 800,000 contributors from more than 200 countries; Hive Work is still open to accept workers that can do their jobs.

How Does Hive Micro Works?

I personally signed up for Hive Work just to see how this platform works and what it could actually offer to its members, and so far, these are what I got from the site:

1. Sign-up – their signup process is very simple. It’s either you register by filling out your personal information plus your email address or you can sign up using Facebook. After signing up, you just have to undergo their authentication process and then you’re good to go.

2. Profile – after a successful registration, you will then be redirected to your account page where you will be asked to complete some details of your Hive Work account like your payment option, payment email, and minimum payout threshold. Yes, you can adjust the amount of your payout threshold from $2 up to $40. You will also be asked to complete your profile, provide some IDs and signature.

hive work profile

3. Jobs – after setting up your account, you will now start seeing all available jobs that you can do. Available jobs vary in prices and some jobs include coloring, categorization, time stamping, bounding boxes, drawing points, and more.

4. My Badges – in this area, you will find some leveling tutorials and tests that will help you prepare for real paid tasks. The tests here, even though it’s just a preparation, are still paid tests. You will receive a certain amount when you pass (passing score is given). As for me, I tried taking two tests consist of 13-16 tasks from the categorization type and it’s true, they paid me $0.02 each test that I passed (quite low pay though).

hive work test result
  1. Weekly Bonus – I really don’t know how you can qualify for a weekly bonus since there is no information on the website about it, but practically, I guess you will earn that bonus once you are either a top performer or you reached that certain score/number of tasks completed in a week. Well, who knows? I just hope they will be more detailed on their platform.
  2. Referrals – yep, they have a referral system. However, you will only be able to refer friends if you have already earned $2 from doing tasks. If the person you referred has earned $5 on their first 180 days from their registration date, you will receive a $1 bonus for every $5 your referral earns (maximum of $25 earnings) and at the same time, your referral earns back a $0.5 bonus, too.
hive work referrals
  1. Stats – now this is where all your activities are recorded. Starting from the list of your active/inactive or ongoing task, number of tasks performed, total earnings and your performance statistics.
  2. Leaderboard – you will find here a list of Hive Work’s top performers or those with the highest earnings.
hive work leaderboard
  1. Payroll – this is where all your transactions are being recorded, including the amount to be paid, the status, the date it was paid, and your payment address.
  2. Account Dashboard – this is where your account summary is reflected: balance, earnings, tasks completed, payment details, and other announcements from Hive Work.


    I find their platform to be very simple and easy-to-use, so you will never have the difficulty of finding these features that I have mentioned above.

Price and Payments

Signing up for Hive Work is free and for everyone, wherever you are in the world. The website also has an app that you can download for free on Google Play (for Android users) and App Store (for Apple users).

With regards to their payments, you can choose your payment method between PayPal and Bitcoin and be paid every Tuesday of the week. They also have a payout threshold of $2 to $40, depending on your choice.

Hive Work Ugly Truths Revealed!

Now, alongside the features, I also found out some downsides of Hive Work. Let’s take a look at their jobs and rates:

hive work jobs
hive work jobs2

As you can see, the payment for their tasks ranges from $0.15 to $20 for every 1,000 tasks you complete and pass. So far, $20 is their highest price while $0.15 is the lowest. However, I find these rates to be way too low for 1,000 tasks. Even though other GPT sites are paying low, but the rates in Hive Work are way too low. I have even read some articles regarding Hive Work’s rate in the past year that their rates are even lower than the rates this year. But thankfully, they have raised the rates a bit now but still low for performing 1,000 tasks.

Completing the 1000 tasks is not even an assurance of the little pay that you will get, because at the end of every task, your work will be assessed (accuracy percentage). It will be a waste of time for us if we will complete the tasks but end up not qualified for the pay just because we did not pass the “accuracy” test (which we don’t know how it is actually measured).

I find the assessment process quite questionable, too. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried taking their tests in the “My Badges” corner but even though I answered and completed the task perfectly, the assessment still did not give me a perfect score on accuracy. We’ll, I hope that this part will be given justice to keep users on using their site.

Now, let’s look at some user reviews from Google Play:

hive work reviews
hive work reviews2

Most of the issues raised here are about delayed payments and poor user support, which is serious for us who wanted to make money through this website or app. But I noticed that Hive AI, the developer of Hive Work is constant in replying to all reviews about their product, so I guess they are sincere in giving assistance and solution to the users’ problems.

What I Like About Hive Work

These are the things that I find favorable about Hive Work:

  1. Free registration – who wouldn’t want something that’s free, right?
  2. Simple and easy-to-use platform – you can easily go through their website and find everything they can offer in simple ways. Unlike complicates platforms, you will never get lost using their site or app.
  3. Open for everyone around the Globe – yes, Hive Work is not only limited to one country but for every country in the world. And the pay? The pay is always in US Dollars.
  4. Offers training – this is also one of the things that I like about Hive Work. They teach you and prepare you before you take on the real job.
  5. Many jobs available – you will never run out of jobs to take here because the site offers a many of them.
  6. Jobs are easy to work on – you don’t need to have special skills to complete their tasks. As long as you have an internet connection and can comprehend and read English well, you are good to go.
  7. Convenient – the site is mobile-friendly. You can just download the Hive Work app and earn while on-the-go.
  8. Flexible Payment Options – they are able to pay you straight to your PayPal or Bitcoin account.

What I Don’t Like About Hive Work

On the other hand, there are also downsides to Hive Work and these are:

  1. Pay per job is too low – we really cannot hide the fact that their pay for every 1000 task is too low compared to other GPT sites.
  2. No guarantee of passing the job and get paid – as I have mentioned earlier, with their current assessment process, even though you completed the tasks in a job, it still won’t guarantee you the pay.
  3. Too many task required per job – completing 1000 tasks to earn a little from 1 job is just too much. With the pay they are offering, I think it really won’t give justice to the number of task that you need to complete.

Lack of important details on the site – important details like instructions on how to qualify for bonuses, the people behind Hive Work and user support should be added in the site.

Who is Hive Work Best Fit For?

With the fees and services they offer, I think Hive Work is best for those who wants to earn extra income on their extra time. It is also fit for those who are just bored and wanted to explore some things to do away with their time and earn a little pay.

But if you want to earn a good income that will set you free from financial problems, you can check this product now and see how it will help you reach independence and financial freedom.

Is Hive Work a Scam?

Hive Work is definitely not a scam. It’s a legit platform that actually pays. With the current issues they face right now and the sincerity of their developers to address all those concerns, then I guess Hive Work has a high chance to be better in the future.

Yes, I can recommend this product to people who want to earn extra income but, I just want you to remember the risk in doing so, especially their low pay and huge number of tasks. But I guess with all the trainings and tests they provide you, you can be as fast as you can be in no time and maybe you will be able to earn some good pay from Hive Work.

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