Is Picoworkers A Scam

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Is Picoworkers A Scam



PRODUCT NAME: Picoworkers


RATING:    6/10


It is now easier to find an extra income by working from home online. There are various companies offering jobs to workers who can remotely do a task at the comfort of their homes. These companies provide a crowdsourcing platform where companies can outsource jobs to third party workers. For someone who wants to earn the extra money, working for crowdsourcing companies is an opportunity to earn from home. Picoworkers has been around offering different online jobs to freelancers. Is Picoworkers a scam or is it worth taking online jobs from this platform?


Picoworkers Review


Picoworkers is a platform that connects freelancers to different jobs being outsourced by various companies. These are online jobs that you can access from its member area with different pays. Becoming a member is free so there is no financial investment involved to join and find jobs that interest you. By joining Picoworkers you need to provide some personal description of yourself briefly and provide documents at the Account section. These documents include your identification or passport and picture. You also need to verify your phone number to make sure you are a legitimate freelancer.


What is Picoworkers?


Picoworkers offer two job categories that you can work on.


  1. The small jobs – which typically provide very easy tasks to do. Completing these tasks require you to know how to use the social media and browse the internet only. Most of the small jobs include liking Facebook pages, commenting on blog articles, following Instagram account and subscribing to YouTube channels. Payment for these simple and small jobs is between $0.08 and $0.15.
  2. Ongoing jobs – this involves more complex tasks that one should work for a long term. Jobs available under this category include creating website banners that pays $12 per task, promoting apps to generate subscriptions that pay $12 per task and writing articles about travel destinations for 150 to 250 words that pay $1.75 per task. Other tasks available are translating languages, support tasks like emailing, creating account, binary trading, social media marketing, proof edit texts and blogging.


Picoworkers impose ratings for every freelancer which is gauged according to their jobs completed and the quality of their work. In order to maintain a good rating as a member you need to keep 75% and above rating consistently. Lower rating will keep you from getting jobs for the next 30 days as a penalty. Freelancers working for Picoworkers are likely to be reliable because of this standard imposed by the company. Payment is made through Paypal, Bitcoin, Payzaa and Skrill. You need to earn a minimum amount of $7 to be able to cash out your earnings.


Other ways to earn from Picoworkers is through its referral program. Members are given a referral link which is found in their My Account tab that they can post on their website, blogs, and social media accounts. A member earns a percentage of the income earned by their referral based on the amount deposited by their employer. This is what Picoworkers call as passive income where you earn simply by referring others to join and earn a commission for each task they complete. Commission rate is 5% for every deposit made by the employer to your referral account and 5% from each task completed of your downline.


Is Picoworkers A Scam




Picoworkers gives freelancers an opportunity to find jobs without the need of paying a membership fee to use its platform. It appears to be a trusted site since there are no complaints published about Picoworkers and some freelancers even show proof of their earnings. Upon signing up you also get to earn a $1 bonus.




Simple jobs from Picoworkers pay very low. It cannot be considered an income that you can rely on. While ongoing jobs pay higher there are limited openings available which means that the competition will be likely high and you need to sell yourself to the employer in order to be chosen over other freelancers for a particular position. Landing a position for the ongoing jobs will require you to get through a screening process from the employer. You need to maintain good rating and meet the 75% qualifying score on your performance to continuously take tasks.


My Final Opinion of Picoworkers


Picoworkers is a legitimate site where freelancers can find work at home jobs. Its marketplace offers an opportunity for employers to find the right candidate for their tasks and to make it easier for freelancers to find income opportunities by using its platform. While some may still wonder is Picoworkers a scam? there are good reasons to say that it is not. It pays its workers although some jobs may pay low. If you are a freelancer who is just working on growing your experience and network of employers working for Picoworkers may be a good start for you.


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