Is ChampCash a Scam

Is ChampCash a Scam?- Free But Does It Work?

Is ChampCash a Scam



OWNER: Champion Networks Pvt Ltd


RATING:  4/10


You may probably come across ChampCash from Google Play and one thing striking about this application is that it offers you an income opportunity by simply downloading applications found from the ChampCash app. This sound like an easy way to earn money but for someone who is very peculiar in asking first is ChampCash a scam you’d better read this review to understand how its system really works.


ChampCash Review


ChampCash markets its application as a network that allows you to earn in many different ways and for free. All you need to do is download its application on your mobile and complete the ChampCash challenges to earn a payout. There are also other means of earning from the app and it actually translates to a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. But is ChampCash really worth your time and is the earning potentially promising?


What is ChampCash?


Download the ChampCash Android application and start earning money. This is the main concept you will pick up when you read the ChampCamp sales page. It is more than just a mobile application. It has loads of income opportunities to offer that allows you to earn in different ways:


  1. Take the ChampCamp Challenge


They make this sound so exciting but the challenge only involves downloading apps to your mobile through the ChampCamp application. You can earn at least $1 after completing 8 to 10 application downloads. You need to keep the downloaded apps open for at least 30 seconds.


  1. Paying bills through the ChampCamp payment portal


You can earn points once you pay utility bills or shopping online using the ChampCash payment portal which you can redeem for cash upon reaching the threshold of 1000 points.


  1. Referral System


This is the system which ChampCamp claims can earn you millions. It actually works like MLM where you can use your Refer ID provided for your account to refer people and earn from your downlines. It applies a 7 tier system for earning distribution from various levels in the form of a commission. Level 1 will earn you 50% commission, Level 2 to 5 at 10% commission and Level 6 to 7 at 5% commission. Its distribution table shows that consistently referring at least 10 people up to the 7th level will earn you 2 Million Indian Rupee.


  1. Do other tasks


You can find other tasks that you can do with corresponding payouts like taking surveys and completing different offers. Each task pay differently.


Earning Potential from ChampCash


This is the part that people want to find out but unfortunately all I can say is you won’t earn much. By calculating the average income that one can get you will earn at least 10 cents per downloaded application. That’s about 10 apps to download to earn a dollar. But the real money comes from its referral program which ChampCamp advertises as a way to earn you millions, but in fact in reality you will likely earn only about $2 to $3 at the first level. Downloading A LOT OF APPS takes time and recruiting a lot of people may not be sustainable in the long term. ChampCash is not recommended as a reliable means to earn an income.


Is ChampCash a Scam




You can delete the downloaded apps from your mobile after earning the payout from the ChampCamp challenge. If you are the kind of a person who simply wants to spend leisure time downloading apps on your mobile or casually invite friends to download the CampCash application without looking forward to earn good and reliable income ChampCamp may be a good app for you.




Regulation is a major issue regarding CampCash. One review revealed that it is not an authorized entity under the India law under its Payment and Settlement Act. This means that CampCash could easily disappear without paying you for your earnings. It does not provide support or training on how one can maximize its 7 tier compensation plan in order to improve earnings by using its application. Disturbing revelations also include the fact that it is using fake reviews and photos that greatly strike me as a similar scheme used by online scammers. It is also not guaranteed that the apps that you download are safe.


My Final Opinion of ChampCash


While using ChampCash app is free I find it a waste of time to spend efforts in order to earn using its different income platforms. ChampCash is a legitimate app which gives a clear answer if one asks is ChampCamp a scam? because it does give a payout but the process on how to earn and the amount you will potentially make are among its downsides. There are other better ways to earn if you are looking for a more sustainable source of income with a decent payout.


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