Is Easy Cash Code A Scam

Is Easy Cash Code A Scam?- Nothing is Easy

Is Easy Cash Code A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Easy Cash Code

OWNER: Reginald Stinson


RATING:  5/10


If you are looking for an extra income online you are probably considering joining internet affiliate marketing. This gives you an opportunity of selling products or services while earning a commission for every sale you make. One such company offering this kind of income scheme is the Easy Cash Code. Joining its program sounds easy. Just sign up for a certain membership package and you will be provided with the tools to start selling and earn. But just how reliable is the income you get from this kind of a business? Is Easy Cash Code a scam just like many other internet affiliate schemes out there? We will find out in this review.


Easy Cash Code Review


East Cash Code provides an affiliate program where you get to sell its product you get to earn 100% commission. To start you need to purchase its membership that starts from the basic package that costs $18 to the Bulk SMS Tool package that costs $114. There are also upsells that you need to purchase in order to enhance your income opportunities that can reach as much as more than $600. Is this kind of an investment worth to venture in? It depends up to what extent you would like to spend for this system.


What is Easy Cash Code?


Easy Cash Code promises to give you a system that will not only generate you an income but will also help you build your own business within the realms of ecommerce and internet marketing. You need to sign up for its membership packages as follows:


  1. Basic Package worth $18 – this comes with various features that are enough to help you get started. You will already have the basic tools needed to jumpstart your affiliate marketing business.
  2. UOP IM Phenom worth $97 – this is the one-time fee you need to pay to enjoy various features of building web pages, autoresponders, team share codes, custom pop ups, page builders, sales pages and marketing systems. This also includes the resellers rights.
  3. Bulk SMM Tool worth $114 – this is ideal for large scale SMS marketing. The actual cost is only $67 + the $47 reseller license.


The Easy Cash Code system uses a Funded Proposal which is a marketing plan that allows you to sell products or system within your selected market to assist others to build their own business while providing educational resources. This is the kind of system you also buy and resell to others in order to earn 100% commission. This makes you as an affiliate of Easy Cash Code where your commission is directly paid to you by your recruits.


100% Commission – How and Why


Easy Cash Code does not hold fund for its members. Your recruit directly pays you the 100% commission. This helps its business tone down expenses and makes the 100% commission scheme for its members more sustainable. Once you purchase your membership it comes with a reselling license, allowing for a member or peer to peer transaction that does not involve Easy Cash Code anymore.




Even the cheapest membership package comes with loads of informative resources and tools that can help you start your own internet marketing business. You need not buy the more expensive upsells unless you are confident of undertaking large scale business.




Easy Cash Code provides a no refund policy. It claims that you will be paying your referring sponsor directly and it will not entertain any transaction issues such as duplicate charges. Its webpage also does not provide any disclosure on the terms of use of its services. It not accredited to the Better Business Bureau and there are some bad reviews online from its members in terms of not getting paid.


Is Easy Cash Code A Scam


Red Flags


While there are loads of resources from Easy Cash Code products what do not impress me are the following:


  1. Too good to be true income claims


Earning $500 a day from Easy Cash Code sounds unrealistic. This means you need to sell at least 28 units at $18 worth of membership or 8 units for the $67 worth of membership (+ $47 reseller license) or 6 units of $97 worth of membership per day. Is that possible? Yes probably but unlikely you can do this every day.


  1. Fake testimonials


The sales video features a paid actress. Obviously it is hard to believe what she is saying because of credibility issues.


  1. No room for selling flexibility


You will be selling only one product which is exactly the same product that you just bought. This makes your income potential highly limited because the product is likely hard to sell and the market is likely to dry out with others members selling the same thing as you are selling.


My Final Opinion of Easy Cash Code


So is Easy Cash Code a scam? It is not a scam but it does have some issues in terms of the income potential to earn which may not be enough to cover the cost for its upsells. However, for newbies in internet marketing its $18 membership seems to provide basic information and tools to help you get started. However, one is advised to be cautious before making a decision of investing for Easy Cash Code since some of its marketing strategies are quite misleading.


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