Stop the Spread! 3 Facts That Proves Home Income System is a Scam

Through the years, mankind has fought valiantly against tyrants, conquerors, and would be and self-proclaimed kings and queens. The price was high, as it consumed millions of food, water and blood. Every drop spilled was fought with every aching muscle, down to the last man and more often than not, good triumphs over the wretched. But as the saying goes, evil takes many forms. Not only will it come back, but it will consume the minds and hearts of those who are vulnerable to its scent once more and when its done with them, it will leave them lying on the ground with nothing left.

Today, scams are considered one of the most hated evils that any person can inflict on another. It causes distrust and discord among the fellowship. It is so devious that once inflicted upon a person, it will leave him with nothing but a hard earned lesson. And just like a double edged sword, the one who does it will sooner or later get what he or she deserves.

Take Home Income System for example. It has been giving its so called income generating benefits to millions of clients worldwide without anything in return. Sounds good? Actually, it sounds suspicious to the bone. How can one give you something without anything or just something minimal in return right? But who cares, as long as it promises to give you what is promised. That’s when the sting kicks in, and believe me it will rob you of your dignity as well. Here are some facts to make you think twice:

  1. Black Hat Linking as a Killer Weapon

Black hat linking involves creating links and hiring people to post their links for them that directly brings consumers to their site. This has been practiced for a longtime and has gotten out of control. So net time you see a link that is unknown to you or has a very suspicious marketing tone, never ever go for it.

  • Uses FTC Flagged Ad Posting Company

Home Income System uses an Ad Posting company that was shut down by FTC for scamming clients, making them buy their products until they go broke. And this company is My Online Business Education or MOBE, which is supposed to teach you tricks to make more money online. It’s a good thing that this company has been cut off for good.

  • Fake Actor as the Owner/Spokesperson

And what can a website do to further put their name down the hatch? Hire a fake actor as the owner of course! This so called owner Jason has actually appeared in anther website called My Dream Biz and has also claimed that he is the owner. In fact,he comes from a company that offers services to other companies by creating fake testimonials and claims on their behalf.So Whatever you do, think twice before signing up to a company that promises to give you so many benefits for nothing or just a single buck. It is better to decline opportunities if you know how to sort the real ones from the fake.

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