Is Updown Signals A Scam? – Will It Work?

PRODUCT NAME: Updown Signals

OWNER NAME: Updown Signals


RATING:  8/10


Binary trading has become one of the sources for getting some profit by simply making a good trading option. It offers a financial option where the payoff is simply either a fixed monetary amount or you will get nothing at all. Binary trading takes different forms and it is obviously a game of chance where you will make a decision whether to trade or not in order to earn a profit on your trade or not at all.

For binary traders to have a gainful venture in the trading it is necessary to make an informed, calculated and intelligent decision when to trade. There are binary trading tools in the market today that can help provide good insights when is the best time to make a trade. One of these is the Updown Signals which claims to help you make money from trading. Many are wondering is Updown Signals is a scam and here is what we think.

Is Updown Signals A Scam?

Updown Signals provides an online financial information service that aims to help traders improve their chances of getting money from binary trading. It provides signals that will help one decide better whether to trade or not. By using the Updown Signals you will be able to select, direct and price a certain asset that will give you better opportunity to earn a profit and reduce losses from trading.

It provides daily forecasts on every asset’s price direction. It claims to provide an advanced analytics for algorithm trading which many economists, mathematicians and statisticians used. By subscribing to use its binary tool you will have access to the periodic signals that provide good predictions on the prices of the different assets that you can trade in order to enhance your trading options and profits. The subscription fees will cost you $25 per week, $197 per 3 months and $97 for monthly recurring subscription.

The Updown Signal mechanisms

Updown Signal was generated initially for binary day and option traders, however owing to its high accuracy it is now being used by consultants, academicians and decision makers. The tool uses signaling mechanisms that statisticians test daily. Its signal is always tested whether it works or not and its statistician will consider it to be success when the signal signs up and the asset likewise went up.

According to the company the statistical success rate will fluctuate between 70% and 90%. Risk management is well taken when delivering the signals thus you should plan your portfolio with about 70% success rate. Online reviews from binary traders who tried the product reported about 60% success rate.

Updown Signals deliver about 3 hour signal intervals with prediction on the price of different trading assets. You may be given about 3 binary option signals but it stresses out that the financial market is always moving up and down thus there is no guarantee to make a single exact trading prediction. This does not a negative thing since binary trading in truth involves a fluctuating, unpredictable market. The signals are only there to guide you make better decisions to trade your asset or money at a low risk condition. In the binary trading pro point of view, as long as you make a profit for the long term using the signal the Updown Signal tool is giving you successful outcomes on your trading venture.


Updown Signals features

The tool can provide three to five signals from 8:00 to 23:00 GMT and each signal is valid for 15 minutes. It provides about 200 mathematical algorithms that can be applied in binary trading, Forex, algotrading and other similar trading. It can analyze short term market sentiments that you can consider when trading. You get a signal by email or SMS which is more convenient in reminding you when it is the best time to trade. You will get more than one signal alert daily so you will not lose the opportunity to trade with less risk and better chance of earning a profit.


The signals are easy to understand and uncomplicated making it ideal to use by newbie binary traders. You need not have the experience on trading as the signals will take care of the market analysis for you. It is supported by on time alert so you will not lose the opportunity to trade with better chance to profit. You can also avail of its trial period if you want to test the water.


Because the signals are short lived and only good for 15 minutes validity of its prediction you must always be ready to make the trade anytime as the opportunity knocks. You will also need a binary options broker who can use an option builder to trade manually for three hours later. The signal works less efficient during difficult Forex market days.


Is Updown Signals a scam? Based on our research it is not. It provides reasonable trading signals that can be helpful in making educated decisions whether to trade or not. It does not provide 100% accuracy however so you should be smart in choosing the binary trading signal options it provides you.


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