Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Review 2018 – Nothing Better Than This

Jungle Scout Review

Owners: Greg Mercer

Price: $29/month for start-up (web-based), $97 one-time (Chrome extension – Lite) or 197 one-time (Chrome extension – Pro)

Website: junglescout.com  (affiliate link)

Rating: 9/10

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has been one of the tools that has help me on both affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA. It has been a fruitful journey and with the help of Jungle Scout, myself and my partner, Cena have done reasonably well. To cut story short, we did badly on Amazon FBA initially and have got o idea on how to get started on Amazon FBA. So we ended looking into Jungle Scout to figure out what went wrong with our project.

We followed Jungle Scout and invested our time and money to learn about the algorithm of Amazon FBA and progressively, did pretty well. Initially, we could not find a sale on our product but after learning and applying Jungle Scout, we got the result.

Let’s get on to review this product.

Have you heard about Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce site in the internet. There are other players in the market doing e-commerce but everybody knows Amazon. You can buy anything from Amazon and buying something you want is a breeze. The site is user friendly and you can search for any products you want in a flash. Amazon is one of the best e-commerce site that I came across since I started internet marketing.

One of the services that Amazon offers is Amazon FBA. If you are interested in selling your product online, you can sign up with Amazon. Amazon allows you to sell your product directly with them and will do the rest of the work for you such as packing, shipping and inventory listing. This sounds quite easy right? Well, it is not that simple as you think.

When I first did Amazon FBA, it wasn’t fruitful as I expected. After researching and opting on 2 selected programs on Amazon FBA, we selected our first product, We did our orders from Alibaba, shipped our orders to Amazon and list the product. For the first few weeks, we did not sell anything. We did found the problem and it was a lesson learned.

On Amazon FBA, you need to learn and most importantly, do our product research first. We did not and started to jump on the bandwagon and took the wrong step. It was down and dusted.

In the end, we have to scale down our selling price to the minimum low to fight off our competitors with high reviews and did a couple of promotions in order to get an organic sale. It was tough and eventually, dispose the product as it was not getting sales and Amazon will be charging the long term charges that will cause further losses. We knew we could not get a profit when we first started and we hit a road block.

So we tried another approach and this time we got it right.


Jungle Scout in a Glance

So let’s get on with the product – Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is a software will help you find profitable products, relatively in Amazon, in just a few seconds. If you are a user, you will have an advantage against your competitors. The software will assist you in your search to find a profitable product in terms of product size, number of reviews, day-to-day sales, selling prices and more.

You can track and monitor your selected product and know how a product is doing in terms of sales. This is a good way to check on your competitors product and to ensure a profitable product opportunity. You can watch the video below on how you can track your competitors product on Amazon.

Should you buy Jungle Scout?

If you are into Amazon FBA, this should be a product for you. I have tried and tested it and it works for me. The months of fine tuning has done little to our project but when we applied Jungle Scout to it, it makes a lot of difference.

The price is affordable and you will need to pay $29 per month for start-up under the web-based services. There is a 14 days money back guarantee if you decide to opt out. There is also a standard package at $49 per month or business package at $69 per month.

You will also need a chrome extension from Jungle Scout as this is an important tool for your product search. You can select chrome extension – Lite at $97 or chrome extension – Pro at $197 (all onetime payment).

What does Jungle Scout provide that is worth your investment?

Quite a lot actually. There is no need for you to do a thorough market research on the product you want to select, Jungle Scout will do for you. You can see Amazon does not publish sales numbers on the product, however Jungle Scout provides you with this and will make your research much more easier for a profitable product.

You cannot get this information by doing a thorough research and it may take days or weeks to get a product that can be profitable to you.

If you own a professional seller account like me, you will need the Chrome extension or Jungle Scout Pro. This function will let you see data such as product dimensions, weights, FBA fees and many more. API Keys are required to use this function and will help you decide on the product according to the raw data from Jungle Scout.

The video training by Jungle Scout are good and easy to understand. One of Jungle Scout highlight reel are their webinars which are transparent. Greg Mercer is a guy who is willing to help you on your journey to achieve success in Amazon FBA. I have seen a couple of his webinars and although they are rather long, an hour or so, I have benefited from their webinars. There are no complaints on this software in my point of view.

What can Jungle Scout provide if you are just starting out as an Amazon Affiliate?

If you are just starting out as an Amazon Affiliate, you are thinking on how to tap the best selling products to your product review. Jungle Scout can do it this for you.

You can check out your niche product in Amazon and click on the “Jungle Scout Proicon. You can see the tabulation such as estimate sales, number of reviews, rating, ranking, etc. This will help you in picking the right product for you. This probability will be to your advantage and thus, you can be confident that your product review will be directed and hence, get sales.

Jungle Scout - Affiliate

This strategy is good way for you to start with Jungle Scout. You can be almost certain that the product listed is high on estimate sales and thereafter, you can track the product. This strategy has been a great help to me as I run several niche websites and it does give me an edge when checking out my niche product.

You can check out the blog by Dom Wells onAmazon FBA versus Affiliates if you want to read more on the advantages on Jungle Scout when you are an Amazon Affiliate or Associate.

Jungle Scout - Affiliate 1


Jungle Scout is a legit product. I highly recommend you to try this software and you will benefit from this when you see result in your Amazon FBA.

You can search for many training products that are related to Amazon FBA but if you want to get your result fast, you have to try out Jungle Scout. By getting this software, you will do your research much faster and get your selected product listed when your competitors are still searching for them. You will uncover proven products that sells and that’s what you want.

There is no shortcuts but this is a software that will assist you. It is a no brainier for me. My buddy, Cena has found this gem and I am here to share it with you.


From my point of view, if you are a newbie in Amazon FBA, you will need to step by step guiding on to get started with this business. Follow along Jungle Scout Millionaire Dollars Case Study Get Access For Free -Video and Blog!

The Jungle Scout Million Dollar Case Study Journey

Need any help or have any question feel free to comment below. Thanks.

25 thoughts on “Jungle Scout Review 2018 – Nothing Better Than This”

  1. Just another “educational product” linked to all the other people selling get rich on Amazon courses. There is real information but most of it you can get for free on youtube. If you want to see how successful people who are trying to use Jungle scout are, sign up for there review scout and look at what people are trying to get free reviews on.. then look at how many reviews they have and the sales rank. Not surprisingly, not many reviews and terrible sales rank for most things on there.. meaning those people are not making tons of money. In fact they are in it $5K to 15 grand! If it was easy people wouldn’t be telling you how to do it or wasting their time selling a program! think about it.

    1. Hi Shelly

      Thank you for your feedback. Well, I am skeptical at first when I was introduced to Jungle Scout. Going about Amazon FBA without any sales on my first product isn’t fun and I can tell you it is really frustrating seeing my product being whisked off by many competitors ranking higher than me. Well, do I make a 5 figure sales on my first product? No. Not even a penny. Well, for me reviewing Jungle Scout, it is about finding the right product on Amazon and thus getting sales. Btw, Jungle Scout is not a training program, it is a software and you just don’t buy a software for the sake of buying, reviewing to get affiliate commission out of it.

      To tell you honestly, I have yet to earn any commission out of this review but will be happy if readers purchase this software without clicking on my affiliate link.

      My review is about sharing what I have experienced purchasing this software. On top of that, there is a monthly recurring fee. Well. you need to invest in order to find result.

      I do not review this product just by checking out other reviewers and post it in my blog. It just don’t make any sense if I do not know the product. So, making sales is my main priority and Jungle Scout is the software to get the right product for me. This is not just a software but you can find blogs by the owner that are useful for those going into e-commerce business and it is free. You can check out his blogs.

      So Shelly, you can find a bunch of free information on YouTube, Vimeo, Udemy or any other sites but how do you find the right product to sell it on Amazon that makes sales for you? You should check out Jungle Scout. Think about it.


  2. Here’s a tool that could help you on your AMAZON BUSINESS.. ALL in ONE software Includes Product Scouting, Email Auto Responder, Keyword Ranking, Price Tracker BSR, Keyword Suggestion and More.. And Good News it’s 1 month FREE Trial. Sign up here and let your
    Sales Accelerates in Less time https://amz.space/?aff=1363

  3. In the article above it mentions ” If you own a professional seller account like me, you will need the Chrome extension or Jungle Scout Pro.’
    I currently have just a seller login and I am waiting for my ” jewelry product” approval , will I be able to use this software ?

    1. Hi Inder

      Yes, you can use this software even if you do not have a seller account. This product searches potential products and track their daily sales. You can get the statistic of your competitors by using this software. You may want to check it out or contact the owner, Gary Mercer via email for more information.

  4. I was wondering how do I find a good niche/product using Jungle Scout? Is there any way in this software that will help me find a good product/niche..Please let me know and I am ready to buy it if it has a way to find good products that will make me money. Thanks.

    1. You start with your own ideas, these tools will only assist you in refining your search to find the most profitable items using your initial idea.

      And JungleScout is not the only one, I’m the developer of Asinhunt (https://asinhunt.com), a web app similar to JungleScout, except that it’s much cheaper. If you need assistance, let me know.

  5. This is hilarious. You try to give a so called honest review for a site that you have affiliation with? LMFAO. Seriously dude, when things are too good to be true it probably is. When giving reviews like this, try not to have affiliation, otherwise it just hurts your credibility. This million dollar case study is for the guy running this to make him mega rich. I fell for this scam and I am going to go out.

    1. Dear Joe, Thank you for your reply. Well, I am being honest here as I am an affiliate with Jungle Scout. Yes, I am promoting Jungle Scout and it does not hurt my credibility. If the readers wants to purchase the product under my affiliate link, then I am appreciative to them. It is a win-win for both parties. The readers can also opt to purchase Jungle Scout without clicking on my affiliate link. What is affiliate marketing if you are not promoting a product? Think about it with an open mind dude.

  6. Thanks for your transparency and honesty in your review, it has helped me a lot. Please ignore all the negative comments – some people just can’t help being nasty. My parents taught me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, it is better to say nothing”.

  7. Hi Mohid,
    I was thinking about getting Jungle Scout, and what you have is explained is helpful so I think I will try it out to help pick good products for 2018.

    1. Hi Gary. Thank you for your positive comments. Jungle Scout is a great software and I hope that you find it useful in your product selection. Good Luck and hope YR2018 is a great year for you. Cheers.

  8. 0 customer support, they leave no telephone and never message you back. They will automatically renew and charge on the service once your start your web app and give you no option to cancel it.

    Now I am using Viral launch as they do much better features and way more accurate data. Unfortunately I am still paying for junglescout. !!!!!!

  9. Great article, Mohd Rizal.
    I have heard about Jungle Scout and watched a few of the videos. I am just getting started with Amazon FBA and was looking into software. This a great review as it most definitely has helped me to make a decision. Thank so much.

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