My Scoping Journey- Featuring Jasmine Ng (Queen of Periscope Superstars)

Hey everyone,

I’m Jasmine Ng an internet marketer and innovator from Singapore, I am the founder of I am an innovator and early adopter of technologies using the latest disruptive technologies available to bring more success to your business and life.

I’m the youngest early adopter of the Periscope app, and I have popularised the periscope app in Singapore, inspiring many in Singapore and internationally to download their very own periscope app and even start their own scope in a short period of 30 days. I do a daily scope on periscope @successwjasmine at 8am Eastern Time, 9pm Singapore sharing tips on internet marketing, time management, productivity, and personal development, basically tips and my personal experiences to help skyrocket your business and life.


I would like to confess a secret to you…

I downloaded the periscope app months ago onto my Iphone. And it has been sitting in my phone for a few months, before 1 Nov 2015 when I did my very first scope in my Personal Journey to Overcome My Fear of Public Speaking using Periscope.

Why?  You may be wondering…

Well, because I had a fear of public speaking and it hindered me from giving talks, doing webinars and making recorded videos, and even utilising the periscope app!

I jumped onto scopes after scopes by other periscopers…And it seems that they have great fun speaking and sharing their knowledge and experiences with their followers and international friends.

They are super proficient in their speech, where they interact with their audiences live  while scoping…it just seems so natural to them

I wanted to do my very first scope…I want to be like them too, scoping and sharing my experiences and knowledge with the world…But my fear of public speaking held me back…

Just curious, do you have any of the following thoughts?

What if my mind went blank in the midst of a live scope…

What if I do not know how to reply to a question which a live audience ask…

What if there are trolls or haters on my scope…how do I deal with them…

What if I stammer during a live scope I’m doing, there is no cut…this is so embarrassing…There is no cut and redo on periscope, this is live.

What if nobody attends my scope…

What if people finds me boring and starts leaving my scope until I’m the only one left.

I understand how you feel, because before the first of November 2015…thoughts like these filled my mind which hinders me from starting my first scope.

Throwback to about 3 months ago,…I was so excited about a complimentary photoshoot offered by one of the photography companies in Singapore for a lifestyle shoot….I reached the photography studio super early.  While waiting for the photographers and the rest of the models to arrive, I took a look at my periscope app again.  As there are nobody in the photography studio, where there are beautiful props and lightings, I decide to try out my very first scope…


It lasted a mere 3.03minutes and there are 12 live viewers in total with no replay viewers.

During the scope…I did not know how to interact with my audience and captivate their attention…My audience was leaving the scope really fast…and eventually there was only 2 audiences left when I ended the scope.

It left me discouraged…and I felt disappointed…and left the periscope app as it is… Till

A month and 2 days ago…I was reflecting on my personal and business life for the past few months…I was the weaknesses that was hindering me from living a more authentic life, to achieve my dreams and goals…the thought of public speaking was came to my mind.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking would allow me to create videos where I share my knowledge…instead of screencasts videos, it would allow me to hold public talks and presentations, it would allow me to conduct webinars as I always wanted.

I made a decision then and there that this is it! I was sick and tired of the fear of public speaking hindering my success..and I will do whatever it takes in the upcoming month of November, 30 days…I set myself a personal challenge to overcome my fear of public speaking…with my busy schedule, the best way to stay consistent and do it everyday is…you guess it right…the periscope app in my Iphone


Well…My Scoping Journey Begin…

On 1 November 2015…I debuted on my second official scope….my very first scope with the intention on my Personal Challenge to Overcome My Fear of Public Speaking


Initially, I gave myself 7 days to do live scoping…before moving to offline public speaking opportunities where I will then share my personal testimonial in front of a live audience of more than 50 people in the travel club that I am in.

Never did I expect that on the 4th day…2 hours before the presentation…A million dollar ring earner in my travel club asked me to be an emcee for his presentation…

I say yes, and learn how to be an emcee in a period of 2 hours from a group of friends who had the experience to be an emcee. I’m very grateful for them for sharing with me their knowledge and training me to be an emcee in a short period of 2 hours…

Being invited by Sam Choo a seasoned internet marketer in the industry to conduct an upcoming periscope talk on 16 December 2015 and to start a video club.

I did 2 more English testimonials in the upcoming two weeks…

Never did I expect that I created a global movement where people from all around the world reach  out to me to let me know that I inspire them to download the periscope app, to overcome their fears public speaking and start their very own scopes.

Made sales on my periscopes.

Hit 1000 followers 26 days after I started my Personal Challenge to Overcome My Fear of Public Speaking


Landing a paid writing gig during the 48 hours which I am embarking on my Personal Writing Challenge and eventually be a guest writer for this website…

Being interviewed by Mediacorp Radio Deejay 93.3 Chen Ning during Innisfree Event.

And now writing an upcoming book on how to overcome your fear of public speaking using periscope.


If you want to learn how to start your own scope…and to monetize your scope to promote yourself, your product, services or opportunity, Join me on my upcoming workshop…Be a Periscope Superstar…How to Make Money with Periscope…Send me a Facebook Message on My Facebook Page for more information.


To your success,


Jasmine Ng


Periscope: @successwjasmine or




Skype: nxylight

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