PRODUCT NAME: Alidropship

OWNER NAME: Yaroslav Nevsky


RATING:  8/10


If you have a dropshipping business and using Aliexpress as the platform where to sell your products, you will always welcome the idea of using some plugin to help you manage your business easily and more conveniently. There are different programs that support dropshipping businesses using Aliexpress and one of these is the Alidropship plugin. Just how reliable this product is something you need to contemplate prior to purchase. This Alidropship review will help you answer some of your questions of is Alidropship a scam?


Alidropship Review


Dropshipping has become a popular online business venture these days however, there are some challenges that come with running it. Customizing detail for each product that you display on your store seems to be a meticulous and tedious process, in addition to uploading images of your products and tagging them with price manually. These challenges are among the reasons why many business people eventually give up their dropshipping business.

Aliexpress is one of the most popular platforms which are being used by many dropshippers. The release of the Alidropship plugin seems to offer a significant relief in terms of managing dropshipping business using Aliexpress because it helps provide advanced features for custom dropshipping store development and management.


What is Alidropship?


Alidropship is a plugin that will help you customize your WordPress site, making the management of your Aliexpress products easier and convenient. As a plugin, it will integrate your WordPress dropshipping site to Aliexpress products and will do all the things that you need to do for your dropshipping business such as getting all the product details from Aliexpress, uploading the product images, checking each product for epacket shipping option and many others. In short, the plugin will do most of the work for you as when you used to do manually in managing your dropshipping site.


The product costs $89 and you need to download the plugin after purchase to integrate it to your WordPress site. Its developer is Yaroslav Nevsky who made convenient features on the product with the complete details and license key being sent to your email to get you started. The product comes in two versions: standalone and woocommerce integration.

You need to check which one is most suitable for your business. The plugin is also encrypted in two versions using the Zend Loader and the Ion Cube encryption. It is best to review your server to know which from the two versions it is compatible to work.




Alidropship Features


Once your plugin is activated you will have your own dashboard where you can tweak some features. Once of the best features of the product is the price setup. The plugin will automatically display any changes on the product price from Aliexpress so you are worry free in terms of monitoring price changes from Aliexpress. You can also easily change your pricing expression which easily applies to all your product pricing.


This is useful whenever you make mistakes after importing the products to your store. Alidropship also brings convenience in terms of importing products directly from Aliexpress to your online store where all important details are already included such as the product description, pricing, image and product variations. This gives you hassle free management of your dropshipping store.

Done For You – Your Own Turnkey Dropshipping Store

If you are not familiar building website with WordPress. Installing the plugin and get things moving, it might be a hurdle for you. AliDropShip can custom make dropshipping store for you.

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The plugin provides a smooth interface dashboard which makes it easier to use even by a newbie. There are also chances of getting a discount from the merchant by finding a promo code to get a discounted rate for the product which can be down to $35 only from the original price. The plugin brings significant convenient in managing a dropshipping site that can help save time and effort in making product imports and updates. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which makes your investment safe.




In order to make the plugin work you need to ensure that you downloaded the right version for your website. There is a difference on the features available between the standalone and the woocommerce version where the former has the ability to add cent values to the product price the latter does not have. This might be updated soon, however.


My Final Opinion of Alidropship


If you consider the valued features that come with your subscription, the definite answer to the question is Alidropship a scam is it is not. It is a legitimate product that provides features to make dropshipping business store management easier.

It is a plugin that will be integrated to your WordPress site and will save you significant time and effort. This product has become quite popular among dropshippers and there is no harm in trying it out to discover how it can provide more convenience to you and your dropshipping business.

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