The Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

First of all, let me welcome you that you found your way here. You are looking for Wealthy Affiliate alternatives. As I said Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone

Everyone has different skill sets. You might not interested in doing content writing regularly, which Wealthy Affiliate really focuses on that a lot. So just take a minute to list down what you are good at or like to improve.  

Here are my 5 best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

1) Udemy

The Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

You can find thousand of courses that you are interested in. As for looking ways to make money online is rather general. You should look for the type courses that can learn a skill that you can use. Then move forward to use it to make money online.

Further more Udemy have a 30 days money back guarantee where you have nothing to lose. 

2) Print On Demand

If you are into designing, print on demand is tailor made for you. Put your design on to T-shirt, mug, phone cases and much more.

My 2 top recommended courses for print on demand.

3) Amazon FBA

The Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

This is not something new, selling on Amazon FBA have given average folks an opportunity to make a full time income. But there are ups and downs selling on Amazon FBA.

It is not something as simple like buy low and sell high. The competition within Amazon is fierce and brutal. There are sellers who willing to slash prices just to clear up the stocks.

Nowadays a lot of hidden hijackers eyeing on the top sellers and want a slice of the pie. Some newbie jumps into Private level course and bought a large amount of inventory ending up stuck in Amazon FBA storage.

Do your research before going into this business.

My 2 top recommended courses for Amazon FBA

4) Virtual Assistant

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This is one of the most important services in today’s online world. Due to Covid-19 company allow their staff to work from home. To keep them safe and still able to produce the work that need in day to day basis.

Learning this skill will come in handy and give you more opportunity in making another income stream. If you kick off well and who know you might lead your own virtual assistant team or agency.

My 2 top recommended courses for Virtual Assistant

5) YouTube

YouTube has millions of viewers every single day. They’re people who have nothing else to do but just browse YouTube video to past time.

Average folks create their own video just for the fun and eventually going full time. This is one of my favorite pool coach on YouTube.

PUBG and COD online players having their own YouTube Channel. Some have millions of subscribers and over hundred thousand of viewers.

You can give it a try, and there nothing to lose.

My top 2 recommended course for YouTuber and YouTube Gamer  

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