Is Airbnb a Scam? – Risking Your Properties or Ruin Your Holiday

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Is Airbnb a Scam?

First of all I just back from England a couple of days, nice cold weather over there. Have a great trip and enjoy meeting people at there. Stay in a nice hotel at Liverpool, but strictly for 2 people, but we went there in 4 people. So I have to find another hotel as there are fully booked and hotel in England is not cheap. My friend told before this trip he uses to stay people apartment by making reservation at Airbnb. I didn’t know there a website name like this. So I curious to find out is Airbnb a scam?

What is it?

Airbnb is a website allowing apartment or house owners to host their properties for people around the world for accommodations as a cheaper option than a hotel.
Guest have choices to choose from, this option to save costs and meet local people to and interact with them.

Pro for Host

• A way of making money online using own properties
• Easy to upload and list on the website
• You list your own price for rental
• Meeting people around the world

Con for Host

• Not all countries allow you to do that
• Risking your properties from damages
• Your belonging are expose (keep in a safe place)
• Not safe for single woman

Pro for Guest

• An extra option to choose for overseas accommodations
• Experience local apartment, home living environment
• Save cost (Maybe)
• Get to meet local people and get to interact with them

Con for Guest

• Risking your belonging expose
• Feeling uncomfortable for some people
• Unknown property owner
• Not safe for single woman

Is Airbnb a Scam?

From what I check out the listing in Airbnb website look professional. It is really creating a way for property owner find another way out to make money from home. You can put in more service on top of just the accommodations. Such as laundry service, morning breakfast and free guide around. This will certainly make your guest have a pleasant stay.

But there are stories where apartment badly damage by the guest and nothing much can be done. So as a host be vigilant and protect it.

For Singaporean property owner (Important Notes)

This small paragraph is for my fellow countrymen and women, please take note that you can’t rent out your home for short term stay. You are putting your home at risk, it is not worth at all. As you know for those who staying in HDB or newly BTO, getting a flat is not easy. So don’t lose it just for couple hundreds profit. I’m not sure for private or landed property regulation, check through with the authority before you rent it out for short term.

Stay safe and don’t ruin your holiday

To be fair to Airbnb as a guest going to overseas doesn’t matter where ever you stay. Be it a 5 star hotel, bunk in, motel or apartment do keep your expensive belonging properly. In most of the hotel there is a safe box to keep the important things. Don’t let this little minor mistake ruin your holiday.

For Whom?

For the host, if your country allows you to rent out your properties for a short period of time to make some income by all means. Go for it. What are better way you can monopolize right? Take full opportunity out of it.
For guest, if you like the feeling of staying over people house and can save a couple of bucks. Give it a try, but always be vigilant and stay safe. Sign up as Host


Is Airbnb a scam? No, it is legit. I like the idea and concept of this business. Every business have it risk to take. To some extend, the risk is quite high for both parties. If you are a nice host, you gain lots of pretty good reviews from your guest which bring you most guests in the future.

Sign up as Host or Guest Here

What Next?

Ok, let’s have a plan B. You do not wish to risk your properties to stranger or not comfortable they are staying over your place. Let me share with you still can make some money online by recommending people around the world which hotel worth staying. If they end up staying at the hotel you recommend you get a commission. Sound cool right with no risk at all.

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