Is Tiny Little Businesses a scam? Small steps please.

Tiny Little Businesses review

Product Name: Tiny Little Businesses

Owners: Andre Chaperon & Steve Gray

Price: $49.95 for 7 months


Rating: 98/100


Recently, I participated in a century ride in Melaka, Malaysia. I never thought it was such a gruelling ride and it almost got me into a concrete wall. It was a 160km ride and I was in a stage of giving up at the 130km mark. I did not expect the ride to be a gruelling one but when I went to the briefing, I was shocked. There are so many hills to climb at an average of 50m elevation. The highest was a 100m elevation hill at 70 degree angle. What a day this would be!

So the next day, I did the century ride and I got through it at 7 hours. It was a torture, mentally and physically. I have never done a ride so gruelling as this one and it was quite an achievement. My first overseas ride! Hope more to come.


So what is my ride related to this review?

You can see that the niche for this product is interesting. The first thought of this product is to start small and you can see from the heading ‘Tiny Little Businesses’. So let me share with you my thoughts of this product and what is it like when you opt to choose this program.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Tiny Little Businesses?

There are many products in the market which you can opt for and as a new marketer, you would like to know which product can deliver you the best knowledge for you to start off. Tiny Little Businesses is a product which will deliver and I can honestly tell you this product is one of the best product for newbies.

Don’t worry, I am not an affiliate of this product, maybe later.

Tiny Little Businesses or TLB is a product by Andre Chaperon & Steve Gray. The product teaches you valuable insight of affiliate marketing from understanding your audience and applying this to your product niche. Getting things done comprehensively. You will be taught 28 lessons on affiliate marketing and I am confident by the end of the program, you will get to start your own online business and no doubt you will surely get something out of your invested money.


TLB 28 lessons covers a deep research and analysis on your audience which are not usually taught by other program. I have learned a lot on understanding my own niche, getting to know what products my audience wants and seriously, Steve Gray really teaches many valuable information which is very useful when you embarked on your online business.

Should you follow Tiny Little Businesses?

How do I get to know TLB?

I am a fan of Andre Chaperon since I started my online business. He got his unique ways of doing things out of the box and I have followed him quite closely since. My first product by Andre Chaperon was Autoresponder Madness and it was worth my investment. I like the program and I started to check out other products by Andre and his team.

For TLB, I am confident that you get the information you want when you opt for this program. Like my first century ride, it is a small step for me to hopefully, many more century ride on my belt. It takes time to build your foundation and with TLB, you will learn to do research especially your finding your niche which can be quite frustrating. You have to start from somewhere and like me, participating in the century ride is my small step.

There will be a 7x payment of $49.95 and I think it is fairly affordable for a program like this. The lesson is comprehensive and every lesson, you will be directed to a video tutorial where Steve Gray will take you through step by step analysis on the lesson. You will be given notes, excel spread sheets to do your analysis and research. You will be notified by email every week on the upcoming lesson and reminder to complete your task.



I can assure you that this investment outlay will pay off as you will learn valuable insight on affiliate marketing.

There is one complain about TLB. When you buy into this program, you will get access to the TLB tribe in FB. The thing is there are many members in the tribe but the tribe is not responsive. I don’t get any kind of information in the tribe and I think it is some sort of redundant. But anyways, the program is very good, the only disadvantage is the community is not that responsive.



Tiny Little Businesses is one of the better product in the market and not a scam. I have no doubt you will be able to apply the knowledge and create your own opportunity on your online business. There is a slight disadvantage as the community is not that responsive but overall, it is a good product to have.

Comparing to my #1 product and TLB, both programs are on par. You can learn many strategies on affiliate marketing, the basic and fundamentals of creating a website, hosting, blogging, etc. However, in TLB you will learn in-depth analysis on creating your niche and applying it. If you understand on how to create a profitable niche, you will be at an advantage with other marketers.

Oh ya, for TLB, there are no free trials but there is a 60 days money back guarantee. You may want to try TLB out or you may want to check out my #1 recommend product which is Wealthy Affiliate which is free. Both programs offers comprehensive courses on affiliate marketing and I can assure you that you can benefit from them.

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