Is Team National A Scam

Is Team National A Scam?- Join or Avoid It?

Is Team National A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Team National

OWNER: Richard “Dick” Loehr and Angela Loehr Chrysler


RATING:  3/10


Team National has been around for quite some time. Its business started since 1997 and with this track record in terms of the length of business existence you would consider it as a legitimate company. But there are still many people who wonder is Team National a scam? Not bad to think about this, after all, you will find that its business is mainly focused on providing discount perks for membership. Is it really worth signing up for Team National? Let us understand what its business is really all about and whether it is likely to scam your money or not.


Team National Review


Team National was founded by Richard “Dick” Loehr and later his daughter Angela Loehr Chrysler took over in running the business. Many people become interested about Team National because it markets its membership as giving you an opportunity to get discounts on certain products and services while at the same time allows you to enjoy earning potentials by commissions each time you recruit others to sign up for membership. With this kind of business structure, there is no doubt that Team National is running some kind of an MLM business at the guise of its discount membership business.


What is Team National?


What makes Team National as just another MLM business scheme is how the way it offers income opportunity. Its main business is focused on selling discounts and recruiting people. It does not market any products to sell.


  1. Team National Discount Membership


At the onset you will be informed that joining is free. However, you cannot make use of the system to earn discount perks without becoming a member. Basic membership costs $25. This is charged against your first payout. In order to enjoy your membership you need to sign up for a starter kit that costs $55. There is no way of knowing the inclusions of the kit as it remains undisclosed until you already paid. In addition to the above, you should choose any of the following memberships with its corresponding benefits:


  1. $795 Standard Membership – this gives access for 2 years on 8 products that give you discount for ecommerce, group buying power, Big N Marketplace, inclusion of your children, grandchildren, grandparents and up to 5 employees if you own a business.
  2. $2915 Premium Membership – this gives a lifetime access on all products and perks mentioned above.
  3. $99 (for members) or $495 (for non-members) Big N Website Membership – this gives access for hosting and domain services and 2 personal Big N websites.

Each type of membership covers different industries with certain % of discounts that you can enjoy. For e-commerce for instance covers discounts for insurance, vehicles, car rentals, health discount benefits, etc.


  1. Earning commissions from Team National


Recruitment is the only means by which you can earn a commission from Team National. You need to sell its discount membership as an affiliate. In order to be eligible for the commission however, you need to recruit at least 2 new members every year. The highest commission you can get is $100 if your recruit signs up for the business membership paid in cash (if paid in credit you get to earn $50 only) while the lowest is from signing up for the standard membership paid in credit where you earn $25 commission ($50 if your recruit pays in cash).


Team National also has a binary compensation structure which makes you eligible for additional commission of $500 if you complete 5 matching points on both your left and right legs by recruiting members. You also earn points for every personal sales made by your direct downline.


Is Team National A Scam




Team National has been around for many years, which is good for building up its credibility as a legitimate business. The major advantage from becoming a member is the discount perks you get to enjoy when purchasing products that are covered by its discount program. Cancellations of membership will not affect the minimum of 2 membership sign up per year requirement to get a commission.




There is not much commission you can potentially earn since you only solely rely on selling one product – discount membership for Team National. Based on the Income Disclosure of the company in 2015, about 83% of its affiliates made an average income of $225 only. This means that you can potentially earn $18.75 per month. This earning does not even come close to the costs of your membership.


My Final Opinion of  Team National


Is Team National a scam? I don’t think so. It is a legitimate business but with a very low earning potential if you are considering it as a source of income. Its only benefit is getting the perks of discounts from various products but you should be mindful how much you are likely to get as discount as against the costs of its membership which is relatively very expensive.


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