Is Shoemoney A Scam?

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Making money online has become a very interesting potential business endeavor to many. There are numerous offers teaching how to make money through internet marketing and some are able to do it profitably why others were not just as lucky. Worse, some become a prey to many scammers so when people start seeing the ads of Shoemoney Network, many start wondering is Shoemoney a scam? In order to answer this you need to understand how this system works and what it has to offer you and determine for yourself whether this is a legitimate way of helping you earn an income online.

Is Shoemoney a scam? – How the system works

There is something quite unique about how the Shoemoney creator, Jeremy Schoemaker, offers interested internet marketers to use his program. From the start of watching his tutorial video you will be asked to share his link and get paid for $1. True enough, clicking to share his link will earn you a dollar contrary to other internet marketing programs that actually asks you to pay them but you never get paid back for anything. Now, if you think getting paid $1 within 5 to 10 minutes is something beneficial to you, you can always make use of the Shoemoney as a source to earn a dollar.

However, there is a catch. Once you move on to taking the tutorial course further you will be required to sign up for a web hosting in order to proceed. The web hosting involves a subscription to Bluehost which is Schoemaker’s affiliate link. Now this gives you the answer where he gets the $1 that he pays for you to share his link. He gets paid a commission for signing up through his affiliate link. This is a legit way of earning an income on his end as you will be signing up for your own domain and website and in return he gets a commission from your money and that’s where he gets the $1 he pays you. It is a smart affiliate marketing strategy but our main concern here is how do you earn by using Shoemoney?

What do you earn for your subscription?

For clarity you do not actually spend something for Shoemoney. You only pay for the web hosting which is the Shoemoney’s affiliate site that earns its owner an income. What you get in return are different video tutorials and lessons on how to create your own website through WordPress. You get a step by step procedure on creating your own website theme. There are also video lessons about email marketing however some are using technical terms that can result to confusion for a newbie. The good thing about the program is that you get a report regarding your progress of learning through your email.

According to feedbacks you actually get paid for your efforts through affiliate marketing. And there are lessons that can be valuable for learning how to make money online. They are very helpful and there are bonuses that you can earn after finishing the online course, which is called the Black Belt. Some nifty rewards are available and the bonuses can reach up to $400 at the end of the course. Along the way of learning the basics from the video tutorial you can actually earn by affiliate marketing.

The downsides

Before you get too excited about taking and completing the course there are some catch that you need to know. The video lessons that you take will not actually teach you how to find your niche which is actually something really important for making money online. Having your own website is useless without content on it and without your niche. Newcomers in internet marketing will surely be dumbfounded after building their own website and will ask themselves so what now? While the video tutorials include how to write a post and how to SEO them, it does not teach how to structure the content better. You need to hire a good SEO content writer for this purpose if you do not know how to do it yourself. Lastly, the program lacks support although there is a form that allows you to send a message to Schoemaker or his team. There are no forums and Q & A that can give you more information on some issues that you experience from time to time.


Now if you ask is Shoemoney a scam? there are too many positive things that go with the program that justify it to be a legitimate one. You will get good value for your money and the wealth of information that come with the video tutorials. It is a good way to help you learn basic things about earning through affiliate marketing, although it may not be as thorough and comprehensive, but they are enough to help you start learn how to earn money online.

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