Is EZ Battery Reconditioning A Scam?

Product Name: EZ Battery Reconditioning

Owners: Tom Ericson

Price : $47


Rating: 80/100


Many households are using batteries for different machines and gadgets and undoubtedly spend money for buying new ones as replacement. This cycle of buying batteries can add up to the annual household costs or expenses and it is welcoming news to know that there is a secret on how to recycle batteries.

This information is available in EZ Battery Reconditioning Program. Many are interested about this program but some might be asking is EZ Battery Reconditioning a scam? Here are some insights that we can provide to help you determine if EZ Battery Reconditioning is worth a try.

Ez Battery Reconditioning Review

The EZ Battery Reconditioning program is a book written by Tom Ericson whose goal is to provide some rare information to the consumers on how to recondition batteries that may already be old or dead in order to help save money or to earn a profit from this endeavor.

At the cost of $47 you get access to the eBook which provides step-by-step guides about reconditioning different types of batteries: car batteries, batteries for phones, laptop batteries, batteries for solar panels and forklifts, golf car batteries, AAA batteries, Alkaline batteries, wind system batteries, alternative energy batteries, long life batteries, marine batteries, rechargeable batteries and lead acid batteries among many others.

The guide for battery reconditioning works for all kinds of batteries and the instructions are comprehensive that even a person without technical knowledge or experience about reconditioning a battery will easily understand.

What comes with the program?

The eBook consists of step-by-step manual to learn how to repair each battery type. The program provides diagrams and pictures to help visualize each instruction clearly. The main objective is to help you understand and learn how to revive a non-working battery or one that is close to getting dead to get back working efficiently again.

The best thing about the book is not only does it provide the steps on how to recondition batteries, it also gives instruction on how you can actually test whether what you did worked or not. You will learn from the course how to use the multi-meter in order to verify whether the battery is in working condition again.

Aside from the battery reconditioning course you will also get bonuses for your money. Your subscription entitles you to avail of Frank’s Battery Business Guide that will teach you how to convert your knowledge about reconditioning batteries into business. Another book entitled Double

The Life Of Your Batteries is also given for free which contains load of information about the tips and tricks on how to expand the battery life with easy steps. The subscribers will also get lifetime updates about the latest strategy on how to expand the battery reconditioning methods as well as a lifetime support from the Tom Ericson himself and his professional team.

The good things about EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning not only delivers knowledge about how to recondition dead or close to dead batteries back to a working condition, you will also have the opportunity to make this learned skill into a business. The book provides a simple but comprehensive guide that also supports visual learning tools to aid in the understanding of the reader.

Moreover, you will enjoy a lifetime support from its maker without additional cost on your end. The eBook is also mobile ready which makes reading the information on tablets and mobile devices smooth. Moreover, upon purchase of the book you will get an instant access to download the eBook. Learning and understanding the author is not difficult because of the visual tools and step-by-step guide provided. The eBook is also reasonably priced in exchange of the benefits of learning how to recondition an old battery or start a business on battery reconditioning.

The bad things about EZ Battery Reconditioning

The greatest downside of the program is that you are required to be connected to the internet in order to access the book. Moreover, even when the instructions are easy you still need to exert effort to get it right. It is also worth noting that the activity involves some risks since batteries contain sulfuric acid that is corrosive. Hence you need to be extra cautious about following the instructions provided in the book.


If you still wonder is Ez Battery Reconditioning a scam? the most prudent answer is no it is not. You will get some value for your money with helpful information that you can benefit from with monetary benefits.

You can save from buying new batteries and will have the opportunity of seriously considering putting up your own business on reconditioning batteries. The book is worth checking out and for a cheap amount of $47 it can be a good investment to make.

Access to Ez Battery Reconditioning


6 thoughts on “Is EZ Battery Reconditioning A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for this amazing post this will take Ez battery to the next level.I still can’t believe how great this worked.with EZ Battery Reconditioning, even an old car battery I thought was long gone.I’m sure this will provide tremendous value to everyone. You can check it out here:

  2. I am having trouble with getting into my e books it says put in email/passage word what password I haven’t given one yet please help

  3. Or you can just google it and save yourself some money. I hate it when people say “ I am getting a great income from this method of whatever but I am still going to charge you anyway”

    My question is if you already have a 6 figure income why do you need my money ? Yeah I know why you have a 6 figure income it’s because because you charge people 50 dollars each.

    “ everyone says they have to limit how many they sale funny I have never heard a professor say that and I in grad school and I had 2 majors in undergrad… it’s a psychological trick no one who teaches for money wants limit the number they teach… think about it. By saying they have to limit it they create a sense of urgency so you do it before you even think about it or whether you can look it up yourself. Even if it’s not a scam it sounds like it after they say we have to limit it.

    Ask anyone at if they have a total student cap…

  4. Clayton Johnson

    I subscribed to $47 dollar program and $25 DOLLAR PROGRAM I COPIED THE FIRST 58 PAGES printer ran out of ink. Now I am a different computer and printer.
    I want to copy the remaining pages. please addvise

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