Is Affiliate Camo a Scam?

Is Affiliate Camo a Scam? – An Useless Software

Product Name: Affiliate Camo
Owners: Matt Callen
Price: $7 first 7 days then $77 yearly
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 5/100

Is Affiliate Camo a Scam?

You have been looking high and low for ways to make affiliate marketing work for you. In fact you try long hard way by creating content over and over again, but still not making a single cent of commission. Then someone comes along and introduce to you some kind of software that make your blog turn into money making machine. This guy by the name Matt Callen claim his software Affiliate Camo can do that job for you. Are you wondering is Affiliate Camo a scam?

What is Affiliate Camo?

Matt himself claims Affiliate Camo in short let call it AC can cloak your ugly affiliate link into blog content naturally and automatically. Which capture words and turn them into your affiliate link without you doing anything.
AC also have the ability to protect others from stealing your affiliate commission which I never heard or happen to me so far. The affiliate link is generated uniquely just for you unless you allow others to go to your account to mess with it.

Matt is giving his software for FREE! Which l found it is not as I expected.


• Auto generates affiliate links (Matt claims this)


• It is not free. $7 for first 7days then $77 yearly
• Software that steals other website content and turn into your affiliate commission (not possible)
• Misleading that affiliate marketing is easy peasy

Is Affiliate Camo a Scam?


If you understand what is affiliate marketing, Matt will not able to get you try out his software. If you just started and curious about making money online you will need to be careful.

Is Affiliate Camo a Scam?

Is Affiliate Camo a Scam?

Your affiliate link will not be stolen from others and turn into their affiliate commission. Either you can do that do other people affiliate link. This is a red flag raise, its prey on your curiosity which make you think it is the easy way out to make money online.

How to cloak an affiliate link?

It is very simple to cloak long ugly, to beautiful affiliate link. You can chose Google Shorten Link, Tinyurl or my favorite Pretty Link. How to Use the Pretty Link Plugin?

By the name itself, you know sound pretty good. You will need to have a WordPress website. Simply add in a plugin Pretty Link. Here’s a video tutorial how to do it step by step.

Pretty Links


Is Affiliate Camo a scam? In my opinion, I feel it is a scam. Let put it this way, I not an expert in techy stuff or some kind of computer freak. This so call AC software can really work as Matt claims. WOW! You will be earning tons of money easily, but you are actually stealing from others. Which mean you not just using a software, but you become an internet criminal.

I do not recommend anyone to try out Affiliate Camo. Give your honesty a shot and read my #1 Recommend Product which can start free today. 

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