FB Dollars Review

FB Dollars Review

Welcome to our FB Dollars Review. Among your friends who doesn’t have a Facebook account? It is like weird if one of your friend tell you that he or she doesn’t have a Facebook account.

FB Dollars claims their simple way to earn money with them, is just simply rent out your Facebook account to them. They will pay you $500 monthly.  

Glad that you make it here to find out more about FB Dollars, we are very happy to share with you what we had researched and to keep you safe from online fraud.

FB Dollar Review Summary

Product Name:  FB Dollars

Owner:  Unknown 

Product Type:  Rent out your Facebook account 

Price: Free

Target For: Rent out their Facebook account for $500 monthly 

Summary: FB Dollars is just a simple one page website with an objective to rent your Facebook account. They claim that they will pay you $500 monthly when they you download their Google Chrome extension software to your computer.

Product Rating

Recommended:  Yes

What is FB Dollars?

FB Dollars mention that they are social media marketing agency that run Facebook advertising. Which they suppose to run their marketing campaigns using their own Facebook account or use client’s account to do so. Client hires social media marketing agency and pay good money for it.

But very weird, they chose to use strangers Facebook account which is yours to run their social marketing business. Think about it, will you let someone access your Facebook account?

FB Dollars Qualifications

FB Dollars Review

Yes, I know you have a Facebook account. But in order for you to be qualified to join FB Dollars you need to have these 6 points

  • Minimum of 100 friends
  • The Facebook account belongs to you
  • 21 years old and above
  • Your account is at least 1 years old
  • Never use the Facebook Ad and Business Account
  • Golance account to receive your payment

How does FB Dollars Work?

This part is for your information on how FB dollars work. I don’t recommend you to do so because it is very risky. To get started, you need to download Google Chrome. Fill up your personal detail and apply.

  1. Your full name (Same as Facebook profile)
  2. Email and password
  3. Phone number
  4. PayPal email

After you fill up these information and submit to them. You will have to wait as they need to check if you are qualified. If you qualify and you will be getting paid within 24 hours.

Sound pretty simple right. Here is the red flag! You either get approved and get paid or your Facebook account might be used to attempt fishy things which you have given a whole lot of your information.

Can You Make Money With FB Dollars?

From the website information, there have explain on how you are going to get paid. As you can see the shady part in this process. It is very dangerous to give out your personal Facebook information to someone you don’t know.

I don’t think you will make any money with FB Dollars.


  • None


  • Too much personal information given away

Is FB Dollars a Scam?

Yes! Our opinion FB Dollars is a scam. It is very unsecure website to give out your Facebook account and personal information. There is no free money in this world. Do you trust with such Google Chrome extension to be installed on your computer.

Once they use your Facebook account to do illegal things. Even you get the $500 rental fee, you might end up as an online criminal with activities you don’t even involve.

Scam Vigilante

Scam Vigilante

Sharing and exposing online scams to keep everyone safe online!

FB Dollars









  • None


  • Too much personal details given away

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