Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

Internet created the lots of opportunity for people to find success online. It helps people with their business, work and lifestyle. There are many ways to make use of the internet to make extra money. This comes to my very important point that trigger me to set this site to keep you safe from internet scams.

Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

I will show you ways to avoid internet scams. To help you keep your hard earned money from these scams artists and gurus. There are various ways to tell that the products are scammy and through the honest reviews that I post on this site.


My Top 6 Ways to Avoid Internet Scams

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee – Products that offers you 60 days money back guarantee mostly raise a red flag. This is a bait waiting the fish to bite it. It lure you to feel safe to buy but after you buy, there will be more upsells offer to you. Clickbank is one of largest digital products that come with a 60 days money guarantee, most of the products are disappointing. There are certain products that provide value with positive reviews.


  • Long Videos Sales Page – Forget about the story telling video that promises you black hat trick, outrageous earning, flashy car, big landed house with swimming pools. They force you to sit and watch how easy they get rich using their special tactics.


  • Fake Fancy Photos – This is not much difference with long video sales pages. Maybe the seller is not a good speaker. The seller convert the sales pages with fake photos of 6 figures income check, sports cars, private jets and discounts.


  • Claims of Success that won’t happen–   There is no system that Internet Marketing design to get rich overnight. Products that claim can make “Six Figure Earning” overnight is an absolute scam.


  • Forever Upsells – You bought that product and starting to explore and use it, but just getting more “Buy Now” “Special Offer” “Done for You” and many more. These are upsells asking for more money from you. You aren’t learning the product you bought, but making the scams more money.


  • Make Money with Survey – This tactic becomes popular to social network users. Offering easy way to make money just by filling simple survey and cash. Not that easy, you are wasting your time and giving away your email address to get more promotion.

What Next?

There are products that are good, but the best we come across and recommend you is Wealthy Affiliate.

Ways to Avoid Internet Scams


Knowing these important factors to avoid internet scams can save you tons of money. Keep you safe from internet scams and if you feel these points are helpful please forward it to your friends and families.

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