microsoft technical support scam

Microsoft Technical Support Scam

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I received a call this week around evening time from an Indian man, telling me that he is from the Microsoft support team. Using Singapore line starting with +65. While I writing this I try to trace back his number from my phone. I can’t recall which number he uses.

He claim that my Microsoft account have some issue and he want to assist me to solve it. He able to say out my name and also have my contact which I wonder how he knows. He wants me to follow his instruction to log into my account  and guide me from there.

He is speaking with a very strong Indian English accent. There nothing wrong as Singapore have hired a lot of IT staff from Indian. But I was on the train heading back home, which I tell him is ok. I don’t need such support and hang up.

So I went back home to do some research that there are similar such cases happening. What they want is to gain access into your account such as password and other personal information. Which can be extremely dangerous.

You can check on the Microsoft website that officially Microsoft does not allow their staff to do a cold call to the customer. It is against their protocol.

Best is to check out Microsoft technical support phone number on your local location. 

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