Lotto Profits Review - World’s Most Accurate Lottery Software or Scam?

Lotto Profits Review – World’s Most Accurate Lottery Software or Scam?

Welcome to my Lotto Profits Review!

I know that you too are dreaming about winning the lotto prize even just once in your lifetime. But do you know that there is actually someone who won the lottery not just once, not twice, but seven times?

And he even made a system about winning the lotto numbers just like he did, and he called that system Lotto Profits.

You see, winning the lotto might be a great way to earn extra cash or if lucky enough, an extra $100,000!

But, there is actually a catch to it that only a few people realize. I will reveal it to you later on.

Now, Lotto Profits is created to teach you the strategies that Richard Lustig used in winning the lotto seven times.

But, will Lotto Profits really help you make earn geat cash? Is it the answers to your make-money-online platform hunt? Or is Lotto Profits a scam?

Let’s find out the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about Lotto Profits now in this review!

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Lotto Profits Review Summary

Lotto Profits Review Summary

Name: Lotto Profits


Owner: Richard Lustig

Type: Lotto Number System

Price: $97

Refund Policy: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Scam/Legit: Legit

Summary: Lotto Profits is the software created by Richard Lustig to generate lotto numbers that are supposed to hit the jackpot. Just like how he managed to win the lottery 7 times, he promises that you will achieve the same with his software. But there are things he did not tell you about here. Read more below.

Product Score
Total 40%

Recommended: No

What is Lotto Profits?

What is Lotto Profits?

The famous Richard Lustig created Lotto Profits as a numerical algorithm program that chooses the correct numbers for you to play in a lottery drawing. He is very confident about discovering the secrets of every lotto game that he made a system using that so-called “secret” formula.

In the sales video found on Lotto Profits’ sales page, Richard mentions that he actually has the formula to generate the exact lotto numbers that every lotto draw will choose in a game. Well, let’s rephrase that.

What he actually meant is that Lotto Profits will generate you a sequence of numbers that you can use to get a higher chance of winning the lotto.

Yes, it’s just meant to reduce the odds and help you win the lottery in most of the major lotto draws across the globe.

But, I really find his claims and his system itself quite questionable.


Because actually, in reality, Richard Lustig is said to have been wasting more of his money than what he has actually won.

Let’s learn more about that in the latter part of this review.

How Does Lotto Profits Work?

Now, this is how Lotto Profits works:

  1. Lotto Profits records all the historical data from past lotto draws from all around the world.
  2. Choose the lotto game that you wanted to play.
  3. With the data stored inside Lotto Profits, it will then generate you a combination of lotto numbers that will most likely win for that draw.

Here’s the thing:

Lustig believes that you can actually study all the numbers that every draw generates and from there, he can calculate what number has the highest probability of appearing.

Yes, if his system is based on the law of probability, he actually has a point. And you might really be able to increase your chances of winning the lottery using his system.

However, with the number of digits that one lotto draw requires, the probability for each number to be picked is quite very low.

Lotto Profits might help you win the minor lotto draws compared to the major ones since minor draws only require a smaller digit count, therefore your chances of winning becomes higher.

Who is Richard Lustig?

Who is Richard Lustig?

Richard Lustig is famous for being the only man to ever win both major and minor lotto draws not just once or twice, but seven times in a span of years.

I looked him up on the internet and he was really famous. He was even featured on many popular shows in the US and other countries such as Australia.

I can almost say that he really is something, that he might really have the secret to every lotto game in the world.

But, upon digging, there were actually a lot of criticisms thrown to the programs that featured Richard. These are what I found out that might really make sense and help you out on your decision:

1. Dangerous Method

There are issues about Lustig’s method being too dangerous since he is suggesting using sequential numbers rather than the more effective random numbers for each drawing.

2. More Expenses Than Earnings

Richard Lustig actually spends most of his winnings into buying more lotto tickets (which would naturally increase your chances of winning right? That’s a no-brainer) which many people find unreliable. Indeed, buying more tickets will increase your chances of winning but it will cost you a lot.

3. Low Chances

The chances of hitting the jackpot are still low based on Lustig’s time-frame of winning. He spent 1-3 years from his first win to actually hit the jackpot again. If his system is effective, why wait for a year or so to win again?

There are more issues thrown at Lustig’s techniques in winning the lotto draws but I only laid down a few which I think is the best help we can get.

How Much is Lotto Profits?

How Much is Lotto Profits?

The actual software will cost you $97. If you ever decide to purchase the software, you will also have the option to purchase other features including:

  1. The Official Lotto Profit’s User Guide With Tips Mailed to You – $37
  2. Richard’s Lotter Secret Book (128 Pages of Richard’s Top Secret) – $47
  3. Scratch Off Secrets Exposed – $37

Who is Lotto Profits Best Fit For?

If you are someone who is fond of playing the lotto and has some extra $97 to spend on a software like this, then Lotto Profits might be a good help to you.

But, just be aware that with the law of probability being considered here, you will get a higher chance of getting the winning numbers in a minor draw. Winning the major lotto draws are still low with Lotto Profits.

There are more ways to earn good cash especially with Affiliate Marketing and generate consistent income online rather than playing the lottery and having no guarantee of getting back your money.

If you want to learn how to build your own online business, then you can check out my top recommended product. This product has taught me legit ways to make money online and enabled me to earn more than I could ever ask for.

What I Like About Lotto Profits

These are a few things that I like about Lotto Profits:

1. Real Owner

Real Owner

Of course, having a real owner for a product is a big plus for me. And mind you, the owner is not just real but also famous. You can actually search for more information about Richard Lustig on the Internet. So yeah, that’s a great point for Lotto Profits.

2. Can Be Effective For Minor Draws

Since the software is applying the law of probability, you can actually have the advantage of skipping the “guessing which number might pop up” part. You can get the probable combination of numbers through the software and then from there, you can have a good chance of winning the Minor Draws.

3. Automatic Software

Again, you do not need to find the right numbers manually since the software will do that for you. So, you don’t need to be good in Mathematics anymore, and that’s a good thing.

4. With Refund Policy

Since Lotto Profits is a product of ClickBank, you can rest assured that you will be covered under their refund policy of 60 Days money-back with no questions asked.

What I Don’t Like

On the other hand, here are the things that I don’t like about Lotto Profits:

1. No Guarantee of Income

Playing the lotto and winning money is not the make-money-online strategy that I recommend. Also, earning through this product is not guaranteed. The only thing you will get here is a combination of numbers that you will be using on your game. The game itself will cost you additional expenses, and your chances of winning (and earning back what you spend) is still not close to maybe 80%.

2. Price is Quite Expensive

I cannot justify the price of this software. I think it’s too much for a lotto number generator.

3. Low Chance of Winning Major Lotto Games

Even though the software “might” give you higher chances of winning the minor lotto games, still you have a low chance in the major games.

Is Lotto Profits a Scam?

In my opinion, Lotto Profits is not a scam. Richard Lustig actually gave the effort to create this software and incorporate the winning formula that he knows.

But still, I cannot recommend this product because it won’t give you a consistent income that will free you from financial bondage. There are better options out there to take hold of the income you deserve: way better than leaving your dream to luck.

Tired of scams? Check out my top recommended product now and start building your online business for free.

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