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Have you heard about Crossfit WOD?

The first time I started on crossfit, I was surprised by the workouts as they were gruelling and tough. I can say that I am used to high intensity training and my body is conditioned as I trained 4 to 5 times a week but when I first did my crossfit WOD, I was stunned by their workout.

At 41, I am able to compete with the rest of the athletes but I can say my energy level will be at its peak to compete this workout.


So what is it about Crossfit related to the strategies on internet marketing?

To reach the peak of your goals in crossfit, you will need to train hard and when you train hard, you will sometimes reach some obstacles which will slow you down and at some stage of your training, you will hit a plateau which will be demoralising. You will need to persevere, seek an alternative strategy to carry forward your training routine.

It is the same case as internet marketing, you will need to learn and apply your strategy constantly, work extra hard to reach your goal. You will hit road blocks here and there but you have to move and learn. At some stage, you will see your income stream to be at a plateau and you will need to find another strategy to create more opportunities for your income to grow.

You see that in life, you will need to work hard to reach your goals. The same goes to your daily training, whatever you do, crossfit or going to the gym, it is the same. It is about what you learn and apply to your daily life that will make you as a person to be successful. It is about strategies and in internet marketing, you will need some tools to help and assist you to reach your goals and target.

So let’s begin.


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Affiliate Marketing

Today, we are not going to discuss on our affiliate link but to discuss on the strategies of internet marketing.

There are many marketing products in the market that are available. It’s all depend on what type of strategies you are looking for. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, you may want to try on paid traffic. Although I prefer to focus on using free traffic, you can go on to do paid traffic if you need on to launch your product fast and need traffic to your website. But anyway, if you want to see fast improvement on traffic to your website, you can use this strategy so that you can pick up more audience to your website.

I recommend that you use paid traffic wisely, let’s say if you are doing a certain product launch which you see has a potential to sell, then you can use this strategy. If you would like to know more on paid traffic, you can go to our review on Traffic Black Book.

Traffic black book


Affiliate marketing is one of the important tools in internet marketing. It is a simple way to promote a product and get commission out of it.

So how do you do it?

You just can’t go to any merchants and subscribe to be their affiliate member although you can do it. You got to start creating your own niche first in order to find a suitable merchant to be on their affiliate list.

Finding your niche is the 1st priority in building your foundation and if you don’t get it right, you will lose focus and start to find bits and pieces of different niches. Your focus will not be there and it will be a matter of time, you will be exhausted.

When you have your niche in your hand, you may want to find a merchant that have a variety of product to promote. My recommendation is for you to try Amazon. It is a great site to start your affiliate marketing and you can find many things to promote.


Depending of your specific niche, you can choose your items and promote them. However, the commission is a bit low and the affiliate program are not supported in certain countries.

Amazon do have quite a handful of tools to assist you as an affiliate member and there are also support from members when you are lost.

Amazon FBA

Like I said, there are a certain program in Amazon which are workable. One of the program is Amazon FBA and it is popular amongst internet marketer. This program offers you to buy inventory from wholesale suppliers and ship it to Amazon storage areas across the US and sell it on their website.

There are many wholesales suppliers you can choose from and one of the popular ones is Alibaba. You will need to pay Amazon a monthly subscription fee aside to the labeling fee when your inventory reaches their storage area. You can get a hefty profit if your products are sellable as the wholesale price are less expensive.

There is a training program which I recommend if you would like to try out Amazon FBA. You can try “The Selling Family” which teaches you on how to do Amazon FBA, pick the right wholesale supplier and sell it at a profit. There are 3 free video tutorials which you can view to start up your online business.

Selling Family


Website building is your core in internet marketing. Depending on the niche you are focus on, it can create many possibilities on the product you are promoting. In order to have a profitable website, you will need to work hard to build, fine tune and create information to your audience.

It will take time to make your core strong and once you are able to do this, it will not be a profitable website, it will be an authority website. To build this, you will need your audience trust and once the bond is formed, you will have repeated traffic and your income will grow eventually. Trust me on this.

Email marketing

On my recent blogs, I have mentioned that email marketing is one of the important tools for an internet marketer. When you have master the skills of email marketing, it can be one of your greatest asset and that is where you can make your income grow.

The advantage about email marketing is your product launches. You can have your website with daily traffic but how do you interact with your audience on your new product launches. This is where email marketing takes over.

I don’t think if you display your product on our landing page, a visitor will come to buy it. You will need some kind of excitement to excite your audience in order to get them to buy your product. In email marketing, you can use this tool to create follow up emails and excite your audience, linking them to your website and product.

The probability of selling your product through email marketing is much higher than displaying them on your landing page.

There are a couple of tools on email autoresponder I do recommend and I would like to share with you an email autoresponder which better than other autoresponder in the market. You may want to read my review on AWeber.



How do you get your audience excited on your product?

There are many ways to do it but one strategy I learned is to do soap opera sequences (SOS) on your email contents. This strategy is rather interesting and till now, I have not stop using this strategy. Basically, you will need to write email contents with loop holes and story lines and make 5 to 6 follow up emails using soap opera sequence. You will need an autoresponder for this.

This strategy is workable and it create a bond between you and your audience.

With email marketing, when you create a bond with your audience, you will know their problems and knowing your audience problems, you will need to find solutions for them. The solution will be the product you are launching and knowing this will be an advantage to you.

There is a training program which I recommend and if you would like to try out email marketing and you can try Autoresponder Madness by Andre Chaperon. This program teaches you on how to do email marketing the right way and there are many strategies to learn from Andre. He is the pioneer in email marketing and has a great product. You can read my review on Autoresponder Madness.



Strategies are important to create a successful campaign. With or without strategy, you may reach your goals but with a strategy, you will be focus on your goals. It is like crossfit, you will need a strategy to complete your work out of the day (WOD). The training will be gruesome but once you got the strategy on how to manage your form and execute it, you will get to complete it.

So to conclude, the best strategy to succeed in internet marketing.

  • To find a solution or answer for your audience who needs your help.
  • Find a program that fits your niche and don’t sway from going to another niche. Stay focus.
  • Keep on writing articles you are passionate about and that’s where you can improve. Put aside 2-3 hours a day or alternate days to write blogs or articles.
  • Keep learning and you will hit the right note overtime. There are no shortcuts in internet marketing, you got to put in effort.

So that’s all for the strategies of internet marketing. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

I see you soon, buddy.

Any Questions? We will be glad to assist you.

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