We are Rizal and Cena from Internet Scams Report. We have been friends for 20 years and worked together as colleagues in a same company. A few years ago, we decided to work together to do product reviews and keep internet marketers safe from internet scams.


From our experience, we have good knowledge on internet marketing and experienced on a personal level of being scammed. We have also learned internet marketing from scratch and the hard way. As such, we are willing to share what we have learned and apply it with you.

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When we create and build this website, we are not talking about building a fancy or an eye catching website to earn through our affiliate link. We create this website to blog and review on products as a user experience point of view. Our reviews and voices may make some product owners uncomfortable or even annoyed at us but that doesn’t make us change from what we see and experience after we try out the product.

At times, we will raised out red flags from the product we reviewed such as too over selling and overpriced products. We are also looking into several important factors before we mention that the product is a scam. What makes us different from the others is that we will make an honest opinion what we feel about the product whether it is a scam or uncomfortable to recommend. When we feel it is safe, we will place our affiliate links (there no extra charges to you as a consumer if you decide to buy). We will not sneak our affiliate links through our blog posts or reviews without necessary reasons.

Our goals to create this website is not to criticize and recommend our affiliate links but to remind you as a user what are the pitfalls if you join the programs. We will always recommend products that we find suitable from beginners to different levels of internet marketing and a product that provide a good support. The important pointers to note about internet marketing are a good coaching program, good community and the affordability of the product range. We do not believe in upsells or hidden cost by the product owners.

We hope you will read through our blogs and posts with an open mind and keep some pointers where you deem necessary in selecting a product. Our affiliate links are just a secondary thing and we assure you that our blogs and reviews are our honest opinions and to recommend you our #1 product which we trust will help you as a user or a new internet marketer searching for a suitable program.

Again,we are Rizal and Cena.  Nice to meet you and feel free to contact us if you ever need anything. Drop a comment below or you can always get in touch with us via WealthyAffiliate.com (here is a link to our profile).

Contributing Author
Evelyn de Matias


Evelyn is a freelance writer with a passion in writing. She wants to help expose potential fraud and scammers in the internet and is committed in helping marketers exercise educated judgment when spending for a legitimate investment.

Internet Scams Report

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Rizal and Cena! This is Paul Myo.

    I’ve been a member of WA and the only thing I got is 7 referrals.
    After that 3 of them quit. and after 1 month another 3 didn’t come back. Now I’ve only one left.
    I don’t know why they left… I felt like I’m so tired to get even 1 referral.
    My WA website is still alive. You can see here ‘www.uptodatereviews.com’.

    Later on, I thought and decided to leave from WA and find another better way to make more
    money and faster.
    The biggest problem is I don’t have money to pay the Monthly fee anymore.
    I’ve tried lots of different programs. I think it’s around 13 programs including WA. Most of them are Monthly membership sites.

    One day, I received an email to my inbox. Actually I wouldn’t open that email. But I opened it.

    I really didn’t expect that I’ll get such a great opportunity in that email.
    I know what you are thinking right now… come on..
    I’m not scamming you.

    I spent the whole night on researching more information about that system. Of course, I was so skeptical just like you are right now 😉
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    Contact me= myosoetaung@gmail.com
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    God Bless You! See you inside!
    Your friend,
    Paul Myo 🙂

    1. Hi Paul

      I would love to be in your shoes, getting 4 referrals to be your downline. However, when myself and Cena built this website, our goals are to get our readers as much information as possible on products which are being advertised in the internet. We do not mean to criticize your recommended product but we are not in favour of getting 4 referrals just for the sake of it. We saw your website and it is a good one but however, it does not have any information for readers to be your referrals. So, it will be hard for you. My take is for you to go on to WA and learn as much as possible. WA is a very informative site and the support from the community is great. You can also check with the co-founder Kyle on your concern and he will get back to you in a zippy.

      So, my take is you got to believe in internet marketing and set your goals on building your website. Don’t quit and think on how to better your knowledge on internet marketing.


      Your Friend.

  2. Hey,

    Do you have any information about Offers2Cash.com? It’s a GPT site but I didn’t find it on your site, and it looks good.


  3. I ran into this website by accident..What an AWESOME site? I know a great deal of the products that you review and your assessments are spot on. Keep up the good work guys. I hope all newbies find you first, They will save themselves tons of dollars, time and headaches.

    1. Hi Alvin, thanks for your kind words. We will keep this site going with latest updates of internet pro and con.

  4. Hi, Paul Myo and Cena
    I have been researching: “Work At Home,’ online internet businesses” for a little over six months now– I really want(ed) to create my own ‘honest’ and ‘sincere’ internet business or be part of one to generate income for my self and others like me– but what I have discovered thus far, is very scary. Each and every time I run a ‘Is It Real or a Scam’ alert on a partlcular internet business or the founder, the person(s) or report(s) is/are or usually a member of some other ‘Online Business” claiming the others are scams, fakes or just to complicated and do not realistically create the kind of traffic needed to generate worthy income. I can say this with utmost accuracy! Nearly my whole life, I lived a live of crime. I have just recently been released from Federal prison (BOP) after serving 25 1/2 years. I met some of the worlds greatest scam artist out of prison and in prison: and in their own words and the Words of the greatest man that ever lived and walked this earth (Christ Jesus), ” I trust no man, because I know what lies within man.” You want to know whether some ‘thing’ or some ‘person’ is ‘amiss,’ ask a true contritional/repentant criminal. I signed up as a member with with a particular online business- Work At Home/Institute- they charged me $99.00. They give you a 30 day guaranteed complete refund, if not satisfied. After a few days of research- so have done that first- I began to have this sinking feeling I was being scammed. So I ask for a refund, but they kept me on the phone for so long, asking every conceivable stupid question one could ask; why do I want a refund. I told them, but they just kept badgering you over an over with stupid and repeated questions. I did eventually received a partial refund ($49.00) back. When I demanded the other half be returned, they claimed the 30 day guaranteed refund expired. Wow! The criminal who stole from others had finally been stolen from(LOL). I just want(ed) to make an honest and sincere income through a online ‘Work At Home,’ just like the thousands of other honest and hard working citizens do. What, in your opinion would be a good and honest ‘online’ business(es), worth the time and effort to look into?

    1. Hi Robert, sorry for the late reply and your experience on a bad work at home stuff. There lot of legit ways to make money from home or online.
      It really depend on you and your prefer ways but there no easy way. From our experience, affiliate marketing and selling on Amazon FBA is pretty good.

  5. This is definitely an interesting concept for a site. For sure there are a lot of scams online but a lot of the time people just need to spend enough time and effort on something, rather than quitting at the first chance and calling it a scam.

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