What is The Best Hosting Company for WordPress?


Looking for web hosting for your WordPress site can be tricky. Especially when you are new with no experience in purchasing a domain and hosting. For your information, WordPress is a popular website builder and content management system for blogger.

I personally use Hostgator before, which I feel that their service make the mark. I signed up and have my website host with them for six months and I decide to switch to another web hosting. Is it something Hostgator trigger me to do so? No, I want something less technical to deal with. Within Hostgator Cpanel there a lot of jargon that I don’t seem to understand.

Building websites with WordPress is easy and fun. There lot of tutorials around the internet, you can learn. But there are also a lot of puzzle need to be fill in then just a website. You need proper training on how to maintain a website and keep your content alive and engaging. Which I can’t find any hosting company can provide it.

What is the Best Hosting For a WordPress Site

I wanted to learn internet marketing and how things can be simplified. I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate University to learn internet marketing which they include web hosting for their premium members. The best part they have their own WordPress Express call Siterubix which you can try for free.


You can install your WordPress site less than a minute. The usual WordPress that you install with your own hosting have a lot of work to do. In SiteRubix there are already install important plugin for you. All in one SEO and Anti-spam Akismet

These all come with step by step videos and tutorial. You can get started for free and enjoy Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1. Watch the video below to see how to build a WordPress site in 30 seconds.

How to build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds


Advantage of WA Hosting

For me, I do not like to mess around with hosting Cpanel which WA doesn’t have. You directly point the WA nameservers to your domain dashboard. The rest is taken care by WA.

There is one time that I accidentally delete my whole website. I do not know what to do. I submit a ticket to WA. Within minutes my website back alive without cracking my head. Read More: Some Much Need Perspective on WA Hosting (and Comparisons)

Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix

The hosting include monitoring of your site health, it clearly let you know what you need to do and update.


It has really come down to what you need for your WordPress site. If you are totally new to building a WordPress website and need help with internet marketing training. I recommend you to try siterubix for free and have a feel on how it work. To get an insight of Wealthy Affiliate University, you are welcome to read our full review here.

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