What is a Western Union Scam?

What is a Western Union Scam?

Western Union is a legal business of transferring money overseas for businesses or people you know very well.

What you have to know that once the money transfer that’s no way to get it back. So use it wisely and so what is a Western Union scam?

Like it or not, when there a way for money to travel from one place to another. The scammers are out there to find ways to make the money go in their pocket.

Typical Western Union Scams

There are many ways scammers will use to hope that you will fall into their tricks. Always stay alert and make sure you don’t fall into this Western Union scam list

Charity Scams

When there are natural disasters or unforeseen event happen like a flood, forest fire or earthquake Scammers will pretend to be legit charity organization. As for now real example of the world pandemic Covid-19.

Covid-19 have killed hundred of thousand people around the world. Scammers will use this opportunity to ask for donations. They will pose as a charity organization to ask you to send money to them to help the affected victims.

Bear in mind, there is no legit charity organization will come to you personally to ask for money transfer in any form. You can do your part to help local community directly if you like to help out.

Online Sales Scams

Online shopping is the trend today, you saw that products you long wanted to buy. Now it on crazy sales, which you can’t resist. The sellers might be a fake guy who post it on Graglist or Gumtree. As there no way to buy it directly on such website.

Sellers will ask you to transfer the money to them via Western Union. Remember, anything that is too good to be true will never be true.

Buy only from trusted websites like eBay,  Amazon or Wallmart.

Social Media Scams

Facebook, Twitter and Istagram is not longer safe social media sites. These accounts can be easily hacked or clone.

Once a hacker manage to your friend or family social media account. They will private message you that they are in need of financial help. Begging you for money to help their situation.

Always call up that particular person to check if his or her social media account is being hacked. Never ever panic and make transfer the money.

Money Laundering Scams

This is scams is the other way round. You are offer a easy job by somene online. Asking you to register for a Western Union account. So, that money can transfer to you and you get to keep 5% to 10%. The rest of the sum you will need to bank in to someone else bank account.

Sound pretty easy and good money of course. This is one of the illegal money laundering activities ongoing. By all means do not accept such offer, you may end up a bad name yourself.

Love Scams

This is the most common scams that still alive till today. It usually falls on the single man or woman. Yes, we need a companion to keep us company.

But true love rarely happens in the thin air when you haven’t met the person face to face. Scammers usually put up handsome man or pretty woman photo to be attractive to the opposite sex.

They will have a long term virtual relationship and when the time is right. They prepare to attack the vulnerable, they will cook up a story that they lost their jobs and their parents are very sick. They need a large sum money of operation. The soap opera will start screening.

You are worried about your virtual partner and you let go your guard. Money is transferred to them, they will again and again to ask you for help. Till you are no longer afford to support them, they will vanish and not contactable anymore.



There are many ways to transfer money for business or to your loves ones. Be it Western Union or any other services you use. Bear in mind the following

  • Don’t transfer money to someone you haven’t met before
  • Don’t transfer money to pay for taxes
  • Don’t transfer money to charity that you are not sure
  • Don’t buy stuff online from shady website
  • Don’t give away your bank account details
  • Don’t accept money from someone you don’t know
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