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Repeat Payments Review – Scam or Legit Traffic Source to $12K/Month?

Welcome to my Repeat Payments Review!

Another software that claims to generate you a lot of traffic that is more than you could ever imagine is Repeat Payments.

Not only that, but Repeat Payments also claims to generate you up to $12,000 or more income every month.

And, you will achieve that with this automated software that Jamie Lewis is taking pride in.

Now that’s a lot of claims, isn’t it?

So now, I will take you to what Repeat Payments is about, how it works, and hopefully help you determine if Repeat Payments is a scam or it is really a legit software to make money online from.

Moreover, find out the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about Repeat Payments in this review right now!

But before that, why don’t you stop wasting your time on scams and start a legit online business with my no. 1 recommended product? No unrealistic promises, no “get-rich-quick” scheme, just purely affiliate marketing at work.

Repeat Payments Review Summary

Repeat Payments Review Summary

Name: Repeat Payments

Website: https://repeatpayments.com/live/

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Co-Vendor: Tom E

Type: Traffic Generation Software

Price: $19.97 (Discounted at 21% from the original price of $97)

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Scam/Legit: Scam

Summary: Repeat Payments is another product made by Jamie Lewis and it is actually a software that claims to generate you lots of income-generating traffic using his “proven” free traffic sources. Jamie is not just talking about a few hundreds here. Instead, he is actually claiming to give you up to $12K income per month. But, I find his claims and this product too good to be true. Let’s find out why.

Product Score
Total 10%

Recommended: No

What is Repeat Payments?

What is Repeat Payments?

You may have already heard about Jamie Lewis in the past and because of the reviews that I have written before concerning his digital products.

Well now, I want you to know that Repeat Payments is another product that Jamie is promoting just recently. And it’s making a lot of noise.

Who would not grab much attention when somewhere in his sales video you will see a half-naked woman acting as “Internet Marketing” and Jamie as the marketer offering traffic.

Moreover, from that part alone, Jamie does not seem to care how his audience would feel about it.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about that as we go on. For now, let’s dig deeper into what Repeat Payments is.

So, on their sales page, Repeat Payments is showcased as the answers to your problems when it comes to not having a connection, not having traffic, and not having an online income.

Additionally , he says that his software will actually find orphaned buyer traffic for you. And that traffic will then turn into a $12K per month income from paid subscriptions using his software.

Now, I don’t really understand what he meant and how he will actually do that.

Most especially when the traffic will be coming from free sources without you having to do anything to make that happen but still you make money. And take note, you will get results in just a matter of weeks or months.

That’s fast, but if it’s true, that’s good news for all of us.

However, it seemed too good to be true because you know, most of the time get-rich-quick and easy money promises are just mere promises, not reality.

Who is Jamie Lewis?

For those of you who do not know who Jamie Lewis is, here’s a recap.

Jamie Lewis is quite “famous” in the internet marketing world because of the many products he has already created – again and again.

You see, almost all of his products are just like a copy of one after another, which is most of the time labeled as a scam.

Hence, Jamie does not care about that, I think.

Instead, he just continues to promote his products from one person to another to make a sale. And when that product goes down, he sends promotional emails again to the people on his email list. And from there, the cycle goes on.

Then now, he made Repeat Payments which is similar to his previous product before called Affiliate Shortcut.

Additionally, Jamie Lewis is known for his weird video presentations like that on the Repeat Payment sales page. I find them completely irrelevant and looks like it has only been put up to catch your attention but with no helpful details and all.

How Does Repeat Payments Work?

How Does Repeat Payments Work?

Just like his other products, Repeat Traffic is again all about buying expired domain names that has traffic and redirect those traffic to your affiliate link.

Well, this idea is not new anymore. Buying expired domain names are a thing of the past used by many internet marketers before. However, there were a lot of disadvantages to this process that led to its fall.

I thought the “buying traffic” that Jamie is talking about here refers to another method but I was surprised to see that he is actually referring it again to buying expired domains.

So now, with that in mind, the process involved (as presented on their sales page) here in Repeat Payments is:

  1. Sit back and watch their step-by-step training
  2. Set up the Software
  3. Follow their step-by-step training instructions
  4. Sit back and watch your money roll into your account quickly and easily
  5. Repeat the process

These statements do not give much information at all. And the only time you will know how Repeat Payments really works is when you purchase the product.

What’s Inside Repeat Payments?

Here is a list of what you will get inside Repeat Payments:

1. Training

    1. Introduction and Welcome Video
    2. Instructions on How To Navigate the Members Area
    3. Visual and Graphics Instruction
    4. How to Use the Expired Domain Software
    5. How to Forward Your Domain
    6. How to Promote RankPay
    7. All About Niches and Keywords
    8. Interview Video of Matt Sabia
    9. All About Expired Domains
    10. And more topics

2. Expired Domain Name Machine

This is where you will be able to go through a list of expired domains and choose which to purchase.

3. Find Offers

Now here you will find a number of offers that you can choose to help you generate money out of your purchased expired domains.

Prices and Upsells

So now let’s talk about the price:

1. Repeat Payments Front-end Cost - $19.97

This comes with 20 searches per day and the basic domain name machine, offers, and training videos.

2. Upsell 1: Repeat Payments Unthrottled - $47 (Downsell $27)

You get unlimited searches per day if you purchase this upsell.

3. Upsell 2: Six Figure Generator - $97 (Downsell $67)

Aside from the main process, the Six Figure Generator comes with an automatic website builder in each of the web properties.

4. Upsell 3: Five Figure Commissions League - $197 (Downsell $97)

Their five Figure Commissions League reveals all details and secrets that Jamie actually uses for high-power commissions between US$ 5000 and US$ 17000, which are disclosed by the program.

You can also receive additional video coaching on exactly how to get to these big commissions quickly.

5. Upsell 4: Jamie Does It For You - $397 (Downsell $197)

Here is the lifetime access to Jamie’s live training and one-on-one coaching.

6. Upsell 5: Entrepreneur Club - $197 (Downsell $97)

Finally, with this upsell you will get access to the fully upgraded Repeat Payments software that is said to generate you an additional 6 income streams.

Who is Repeat Payments Best Fit For?

I am really honest about my reviews and I want everyone to get the best products in the business. So now I will, too, really be honest.

Since I have reviewed many of Jamie Lewis’ products before and I can really tell how it goes with him.

Therefore, in my opinion, Repeat Payments is the best fit for Jamie himself only. I will tell you why below.

On the other hand, there are more ways to earn good cash online but Repeat Payments is not one of them.

If you want to learn how to build your own online business, then you can check out my top recommended product. This product has taught me legit ways to make money online and enabled me to earn more than I could ever ask for.

What I Like About Repeat Payments

Here are a few things that I like about Repeat Payments:

1. Real Owner

Real Owner?

I like it when real owners show up on their products’ sales pages. But somehow, I still find Jamie Lewis’ identity suspicious because when I searched his name on Google, there is nothing about him there. Instead, the results are showing some other guy (the legit one) named Jamie Lewis and he is a professional darts player. Hmm, it makes me think something is odd about Repeat Payments’ Jamie Lewis. But I’d still give credit since he is really showing his face.

2. The Refund Policy

The Refund Policy

Refund policies are really a life-saver. Although there are times where it’s so hard to get a refund and it will really require much patience, but still it’s good when a product like Repeat Payments has a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

What I Don’t Like

Now here are the things that I do not like, hence, the red flags:

1. Misleading and Overhyped Sales Page

Misleading and Overhyped Sales Page

You won’t actually get much helpful information on their sales page about what Repeat Payments really is about. Instead, you will be misled with their promises of huge income and testimonials about how good the product is and such, but no real information about it.

2. Easy Money

Easy Money

Generating income without you having to do anything, with no experience, and just completely relying on the software’s automated process, is really a big no. When you want to earn legit income in the internet marketing world, you need to learn the business and do the hard work.

3. You Need To Buy The “Traffic”

This is not mentioned on their sales page right? That you need to buy the said incredible traffic from expired domains. And guess what, this process will cost you more. Buying expired domains and earning high converting traffic will take much time and money. It’s because you need to buy as many domains as you can, wishing that the traffic from those domains are buying. There is actually no guarantee that when you buy that domain, you will automatically gain a buying traffic.

4. Pushy Upsells

Their upsells are unnoticeably pushy because in the middle of your front-end access, you will feel lost and your funnel is incomplete. So if you want your funnels to be working and earning, you need to spend another dollar to do that.

Is Repeat Payments A Scam?

Although buying expired domains is a good way to get traffic and earn a good income from that traffic, I still believe that Repeat Payments is a scam. Earning from expired domains does not take you as little as 24 hours just like what Jamie has been claiming with his software.

In reality, it will cost you more time, effort, and money!

So do not believe such easy money promises and get-rich-quick schemes because they are likely to be a scam.

Always remember that there is no easy money with internet marketing, especially Affiliate Marketing. Every business requires hard work, patience, and good training to succeed.

Tired of scams? Check out my top recommended product now and start building your online business for free.

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