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Learn From Jon-Is It Too Good To Be True?

Product Name: Learn From Jon

Websites: http://learnfromjon.com/

Price: $127/month

Owner: Jonathan Leger

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Learn From Jon Product Overview

Online marketing is a modern tool used by businesses and professionals to boost sales, presence, and acquire new clients/customers. Unfortunately, it is quite complicated for a lot of individuals. And the reality is that not everyone knows online marketing.

From generating an effective content marketing strategy to establishing a solid traffic to your website, these are just some of the things that marketers have to deal with today.

Enter Learn From Jon into the picture. Made by Jonathan Leger, he offers an online coaching program that allows marketers to excel in their niche.

The Good

  • Plenty of online marketing features that marketers can use
  • Subscription that you can cancel at any given time
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The Bad

  • You can potentially get your site de-indexed
  • Product is too good to be true

Who Benefits from Learn From Jon?

learn from jon, jonathan leger

Online marketing is quite a complicated discussion especially for someone who just started their own business. To learn online marketing from scratch for your business can take quite some time. And often times, it may result on some errors along the way. Jonathan Leger capitalized on this gap between marketers and their target market.

The purpose of Learn From Jon is to provide all the tools needed by marketers to become successful in their niche. He even says that his promotional strategy made him successful to the point wherein he can do things he wants.

For a monthly subscription, you get a good number of things, which according to Jon Leger is worth $1,823. It includes:

  • The Best Spinner
  • Article Builder
  • Keyword Canine
  • Instant Article Wizard
  • Keyword Snatcher
  • Answer Analyst
  • Web Data Parser
  • Instant Article Factory
  • Jiffy Articles
  • Content Ferret
  • Money Site Trainer
  • Facebook Squeeze Page Templates
  • Google Competition Analysis Sheet
  • Pre-selling secrets
  • 70 Royalty-Free Music Tracks
  • 133 mb Background Images
  • Marketing Graphics Collection
  • Video Clips Collection
  • Professional ebook Cover Maker
  • Professional Infographics Maker
  • And other exclusive tools.

Even with half of what Learn From Jon offers, it can easily attract those who don’t have an idea on where to start with their online marketing campaign. With the help of Learn From Jon, it gives you everything that you will need in order to jumpstart your digital marketing from the ground up.

Learn from Jon Tools and Training

Learn From Jon simplifies how exactly you should take your online marketing approach in your niche. On paper, it gives marketers a sufficient number of tools that can come in handy in expanding your niche or improving your presence online.

It offers a good number of automation tools that can help marketers with different levels of expertise focus on what they do best, and let online promotion take its natural course with the help of these tools.

Included is the Social Multiplier, which is a Pinterest automating tool that can generate hundreds of visitors daily.

Another tool is the Instant Face Traffic which claims to generate targeted traffic to your website via Facebook groups in your niche. It helps the user find, join, and post on these social media groups in order to make it easy to promote products and services.

Next is the Contact Scraper which is a tool that finds website owner information from email addresses to phone numbers. This allows the user to perform list building to establish a rapport that eventually becomes a fruitful business relationship.

And lastly, you have the JLMailer.com. It is an autoresponder exclusively available to members of Learn From Jon. What this tool does is provide conversion tracking, contact tagging, and other filtering features.

Learn From Jon Support

One important feature of an online marketing tool is to make sure that it offers support to its members. Unfortunately, if you’ve done your research on Jon Leger, you might find some red flags including circumvention of what they offer exactly.

In this report, a user claims that he availed of Jon Leger’s Pintastic Camping meant to generate hundreds of leads businesses. However, after Jon Leger’s group allegedly failed to provide any leads, its support mentioned that their tool can generate leads but not in the user’s area. And after a cancellation request, the user was still charged with a $250 setup fee.

There is also a thread of what seems like a member of another Jon Leger venture who can’t get any answer from Jon Leger after experiencing log in problem.

Learn From Jon Price

learn from jon, jonathan leger

A month of subscription costs $127. Included with your purchase are a number of products such as The Best Spinner, Article Builder, Keyword Canine, Keyword Snatcher, Answer Analyst, Web Data Parser, Instant Article Factory, Jiffy Articles, Content Ferret, and more.

It also has exclusive tools for members such as Social Multiplier, Instant Free Traffic, JL Mailer, and Contact Scraper.

Final Opinion on Learn From Jon

Online marketing can easily be a great tool for your marketing campaign if you know exactly what you are doing. On the other hand, it can also turn into a nightmare. Learn From Jon exploits this fear from marketers. But what about the things he offers? Is it really effective? Should you give $127 of hard-earned-money to Jonathan Leger every month?

In reality, we consider it bordering on a scam. First, let’s take a closer look at the tools that he offers the general public. Offering article spinning to your subscribers is already a blunder on the part of any marketer considering the continuously evolving search engine algorithms. It has a high probability of duplicate which can even get your site de-indexed. Are you willing to take this risk?

Next, things that Learn From Jon offers can be acquired for free elsewhere. Professional Infographics Maker and Professional Cover Maker, for instance, can be acquired via sites like canva.com.  Royalty-free music can be taken from Freemusicarchive.org. The bottom line is that what Learn From Jon offers is nothing groundbreaking or extraordinary that is worth $127 in this day and age.

And looking at the trends and a bit of research on his reputation online, you might want to invest $127 elsewhere. Hire an online marketing expert off-shore to handle your digital marketing campaigns maybe?

Check Out Learn From Jon Here


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