Is Wow Earnings A Scam

Is Wow Earnings A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Wow Earnings

OWNER:  SBG Media Inc.


RATING:  0/10


Wow Earnings is an online site that offers different ways to earn an income. One thing that is worth looking into its program is whether it is legit or not. There is a chance that people will get enticed to signing up for Wow Earnings because of the high rate of payments for doing certain tasks especially when it advertises that you can earn $25 in just 12 minutes. Is Wow Earnings a scam or will it really wow you?


Wow Earnings Review


Wow Earnings is the usual Get Paid To program that allows you to earn by doing some tasks that paid differently. Its platform is designed to show different tasks like reading email advertisements, clicking on banners, signing up for exciting offers and referring people to the program. Each task pays differently. For instance, reading emails will earn you $0.10, try out offers that pay $25 and you get to earn an extra $5 upon signing up. You are probably wondering does doing these tasks will really earn you as much as $25 within 12 minutes?


What is Wow Earnings?


Wow Earnings is owned by SBG Media, Inc. It operates since 2003 but while it has been around for quite some time it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It is rated F which is the lowest rating the Bureau gives to a business. The advertisements of the program appear to be overhyped especially when it claims that some of the offers available pay $25 each. If you have been into doing Get Paid To programs you will certainly know that this rate is exaggerated. Seldom if not rare can you find businesses offering this kind of rate for this kind of program.


Signing up for Wow Earnings is actually free. What makes it enticing is its offer of $5 sign up bonus which according to those who tried the program was never credited to their account. Once you are registered you will be offered a loyal member survey bonus that include 9 tasks you should complete in order to earn $20. What make the program quite dubious are its overhyped claims of earnings where US residents can potentially earn $500 in a day with its Earn Cash Instantly program.  You are probably wondering can you really earn this much. The answer is NO.


It is relatively impossible to attain the earning of $500 a day from Wow Earnings because of the issue that most of the links for the tasks that you can do are broken. If it is not working it will direct you to the webpage. In the end you already spent significant time clicking on tasks to complete but end up with $0 earning. Certainly this is just a waste of your time. Another issue on earning from the site is some of the task sections such as the Paid to Click offers are blank. There is nothing you can work on so there is no money you can make from Wow Earnings.


There are also some risks about doing certain tasks like taking surveys where you will be asked to download some applications or software which are not safe. By downloading it to your computer there is a risk of getting your registry infiltrated by third party without your knowledge. Some offers also require you to purchase some products.


Is Wow Earnings A Scam




Registration from Wow Earnings is free. It offers a low payout limit of $12.




The amount paid for the task is very minimal and will hardly earn you decent money. There are also task sections that are left with a blank page so you have no task to do. With such a low income potential you will find it difficult to reach the threshold of $12 for you to be able to withdraw your earnings. Wow Earnings also gained a lot of negative feedback from its users. Some claims that after building their earning for a long time the amount will simply disappear from their account and Wow Earnings will declare them as not recognized by its database.


My Final Opinion of Wow Earnings


Is Wow Earning a scam? There are good reasons to think so. However, it appears that it has been around for business for a long time so it is probably doing a legitimate business. Considering the limited number of tasks available to work on and the low income rate from the program it will not really make you earn decently. In addition, there are risks involved when doing some tasks that may compromise your safety so it is always best to stay away from it. Its advertisements are also overhyped and obviously the earnings it promotes from using its platform are designed to entice people who are looking for earning big quick scheme that is quite deceptive.



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