Is Viral Autobots A Scam? – Better Watch The Latest Transformer Movie

PRODUCT NAME: Viral Autobots

OWNER NAME: Luke Maguire


RATING:  7/10

If you have been into content marketing in an effort to go viral in the internet then you must have known that you need to give efforts in doing research, content writing and publishing your posts. What if there is something that can help you with this stint by cutting down these things to make your sales pages go viral instantly? You probably will ask is there such a thing? Well, there is web software that can make this happen, allegedly – the Viral Autobots. Many have been making efforts to organically boost their content online and some found help from Viral Autobots software. You are probably wondering is Viral Autobots a scam? Learn what we found out about this product.

Is Viral Autobots a scam?

Many are tempted to use the Viral Autobots software as it claims to be the only web software that can find, schedule, upload and monetize viral content on various social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for your fan pages in Facebook. It claims that it can shoot up the organic reach to your pages which can grow your bank balance to millions. There are different features that come with the software. Viral Autobots provides a tool for boosting your Facebook organic traffic 24/7. It has the capability of automating fan pages in seconds by posting viral content to them. It also claims that the software can quickly boost your video viewers on YouTube as your page goes live. It also comes with an SEO optimization features that sends organic reach to your pages fast.

Luke Maguire is the person behind this software. Many who used the product claims that he provide very good after sales support, especially by being active in his own Facebook group where software users frequently interacts. Apparently he gives updates on the software especially when Facebook impose more stringent privacy terms and conditions and make the software compliant to it. Many comments online are quite positive about Luke Maguire’s help in terms of updating the software features and quashing bugs on his product.

In order to enjoy using the features of Viral Autobots there are subscription options to choose from. The Lite Edition costs $29 per year which gives you limited features of monetizing fan pages and automating fan page content with an autopilot feature. The Bumblebee Edition costs $49 for a lifetime membership and you can get several automated features that will optimize the organic traffic to your site and some training tools to help you. The Basic Edition costs $39 per year that provides the features of the Lite edition with added features on video trainings.

The predicaments

Now, while the Viral Autobots provide awesome features that every content and SEO marketer will love I could not help but have some predicaments about the product. With my background in SEO I know how crucial it is to obtain organic traffic to make your endeavor profitable. By using the autobots or autopilot system of the software it is quite hard to get organic traffic right away or as quickly as the Viral Autobots claims. Search engines especially Google use sophisticated technology that can detect automated system that grows traffic to a page or site.

Traffic driven by autobots are recognized by Google as not organic and your site or pages are likely to get banned from Google the moment it detects unusual traffic on them. While Luke doesn’t explain how his autobot system works to deliver organic traffic I still have some doubts how he is able to avoid getting detected by Google. A lot of auto posting software were banned in the past years and it leaves me thinking how Viral Autobots is able to get away with it.

Facebook has some changes in privacy and sharing content issues. They clamped down several apps that can access the Facebook user’s profile. However, Viral Autobots only posts content to your own FB page and it is built within the Facebook API so it not banned from Facebook.

What about the massive income that Viral Autobots claims that you can earn quickly? It claims that you can possibly earn 5 to 6 figures instantly from a single fan page. This sounds to be too good to be true to me but well can be doable if your page or site already established authority in your niche. But this takes time to build.


Is Viral Autobots a scam? It is not in my opinion because of the valuable features that come with the software subscription. However, I feel that the product provides some over sales marketing that can be too good to be true. But with long term use you will find the software useful in boosting your content pages but maybe not as quick and profitable as the product maker claims. Given the awesome automated features that come with the software it does not hurt to be wary about getting banned from the search engine, though.


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1 thought on “Is Viral Autobots A Scam? – Better Watch The Latest Transformer Movie”

  1. I have the Viral Auto bots and the Instamate product. The link cloaker does not work. Have tried for 3 or 4 weeks to get help from the help desk. They wanted a video of the issue so I sent that, then they wanted my lics. keys. I sent that then it comes back closed. I have tried to get an email to Luke, also sent a blunt email to the help desk next morning the help desk suspends my account. So I have spent hundreds of $$ and have a faulty product. Still waiting to see if I get an email from Luke. Just posted on private group face book and got response that the group is no longer monitored by Luke. Would I buy anything from Luke again Not Until He Has a proper help centre that really works. The guys that are there at the moment never have fixed any of my problems with the software. Its impossible to get any help when its needed. Just a waste of time.

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