Is Udemy a Scam?

Is Udemy a Scam? Too Many Courses to Chose

Website Name: Udemy
Website: (affiliate link)
Price: Free, $15 to $200 depend on different courses
Rating: 88/100

Is Udemy a Scam?


Are you looking for online courses that you like to enrich or upgrade yourself? It seems the internet is overwhelming with all sort tutorial and training. There are free and paid tutorial. I come across Udemy. It is the best online learning program or is Udemy a scam? Let’s find out together in this review.

What is Udemy?

It is a well organized website for any individual looking for online course, such as singing, writing, foregin language, internet marketing and so much more. The course price come in the range of $15 to $200 depend on the indviual instructor. It comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.
It is also for a place for anyone who like to teach his or her skill online. You can teach whatever skill or knowledge you have. Best of all, signing up as an instructor is free.


• Well organized website
• Step by step training
• Various types of courses
• Lot of free courses
• Most of the courses consider affordable
• Learn from any devices
• Free training for instructor



• Too many choices
• Not much interacting among the course students
• You are on your own

For The Students

Udemy produce lots of quality training courses such as foreign language, cooking, singing, dancing and self learning material. Which you can choose according to your preference. But if you are looking courses for online business, internet marketing, web designing and SEO you might meet with lots of challenge.

Is Udemy a Scam?

It can be too costly to sign up each course, one by one. Within the course you are on your own learning and taking action. The trainer might not be able to attend to you when you needed the help. To start an online business, you need to learn the four pillars step.

1. Chose A Ncihe
2. Build A Website
3. Getting People to Your Website
4. How to earn revenue

You can sign up for a free 5 days Affiliate Marketing Course. Just fill in your name and email on your right

For The Instructor

For instructor in Udmey is totally a different ball game. I really like that they have created a free course to guide new anyone with no experience to start teaching online.
If you do not have experience creating your own website and wish to teach your knowledge online, I got to say Yes. Udemy is the right place for you. You have to be willing to take action and make it happen.

Having to say that, building a website is not a major obstacle for anyone. Having your own website will have better control of what you like and dislike.

Learn Thai Language - Basic Thai Language Course

Take this Thai language course from Udemy as an example. It is well created by this instructor name Sunny
A total 352 enrolled to her course and 12 rated 5 stars. A pretty good revenue for her and good reviews. A few important things are missing with her and her students. Interaction, support and bonding.

Learn Thai with Mod - Google Chrome 2015-07-22 12.27.41

Let take a look my favorite online Thai language teacher. Mod, she runs her own website teaching Thai language, with lots of free training video on YouTube. Her Facebook page has over 20k fans. She uses Skype one on one teaching to ensure the best training for her students.

Just because she is my favorite Thai teacher doesn’t mean I’m biased. It is the difference of having your own website and the bonding for the followers. But having website mean you need to constantly create new content and more effort need to keep going. Which Mod impresses me on what she does.

So I got to say you can test out both ways to know which work better for you.


Is Udemy a scam? No, it is 100% legit. I got to say there are things I like and dislike about it. Overall, it really provides healthy online courses to many people around the world. Look at what you want to learn and chose wisely.

With 30 days money back guarantee is a steal, of course you have to be reasonable. If you enrolled the course and gain what you want or need, do give the credit to the instructor. It’s not easy to create a full course, it really needs time and effort to give their best.

I highly recommend Udemy weather you want to enroll in courses as a student or sign up as an instructor.


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1 thought on “Is Udemy a Scam? Too Many Courses to Chose”

  1. Wouldn’t consider it a scam. Does well for what it is, I’ve spent a couple hundred bucks on it over the past couple of months. Really don’t like Coursera though, the courses are incredibly poorly made for what they charge. I’m sticking to Udemy and BitDegree (similar to udemy, but some courses are free).

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