Is Trunited A Scam

Is Trunited A Scam? – Earning Cash Back Is It Profit?


Is Trunited A Scam



OWNER NAME: Nicolas Porter


RATING:  4/10


How does getting paid for shopping sounds to you? For most people who love to shop getting cash back or earning along the process sounds like a good opportunity to pass. Who does not like the idea of getting paid to shop for their favorite brands? Trunited offers this kind of an opportunity and before you raise an eyebrow and ask is Trunited a scam? you should read this Trunited review to give you better perspectives about what it can offer you.


Trunited Review


Trunited was conceived by Dr. Nicolas Porter who envisioned creating a socialized commerce platform that will give opportunities to earn while you shop. The site offers cash back each time you purchase products from its participating stores or brands within its platform. The cash back you earn comes from the commissions Trunited earns from its clients and in turn the commission is then passed on to Trunited customers as cash back incentives. But there are more to this than meets the eye.


What is Trunited?


Trunited allows you to earn cash back incentives that work like a multilevel marketing or MLM. But it differs from the other MLM schemes because you earn commissions not only from your downline or people you refer to Trunited to sign up but you also earn from all the purchases made by your network. The system of compensation used by Trunited is called the Pay Plan 360. It works by calculating earnings using an algorithm that will determine how much commerce was generated by yourself and by your entire network. The product that you purchase has a corresponding reward point value and is determined accordingly by the contribution of other members of your network. You will earn bigger commissions if other vendors purchase more products that will generate higher reward point value.


However earning commissions from Trunited is not that simple and easy. From the start you will be pleased that signing up is actually free. This will give you an opportunity to invite others to sign up as Trunited customer and not as its member. You will only be eligible to earn cash backs once you sign up as its contributor and meet the requirement of making a purchase of any Trunited products with no minimum order and be able to invite at least one person who should likewise purchase a product from Trunited. This is not the end to qualify, however. You need to sign up for an annual fee of $99!


Aside from this Trunited also provides terms and conditions that will make you feel uncomfortable when using its service. It is quite alarming to know that Trunited reserves the right of removing its service anytime within an indefinite period of time without notice to its members. This gives them the right to disappear with your earned commissions disappearing on thin air too! Trunited also frees itself from accountability for information that may not be accurately described or stated on the site and there’s more. It does not warrant that the results from using the site will be accurate or reliable. Now that doesn’t sound right.


Is Trunited A Scam




Signing up is free which gives you an opportunity to try out some products and the service initially before you invite people if you are seriously considering of signing up for the annual fee to qualify for its cash back incentive.




There is no way of knowing how the algorithm works that determines the total earnings of a network based on the earned reward point value. Trunited did not make this public nor explain how the algorithm calculates the earnings of its members. Its marketing campaign that signing up is free is a bit tricky since you will not be able to enjoy their cash back incentive unless you pay an annual fee of $99. The terms and conditions when using the service do not provide the consumers enough protection for their investments.


Who is Trunited For?


Trunited is beneficial for people who love to shop and like to earn cash back incentives. However, it is worth noting that if one wants to pursue the incentive they need to meet the requirements to qualify and become eligible to receive it.


My Final Opinion of Trunited


Is Trunited as scam? My answer is actually maybe. There is a thin line between it being a legitimate business and a scam considering the terms and condition that it provides on its site. Those conditions ring a warning bell to my ears that this could be a scam but not quite 100% scam as it provides legitimate socialized ecommerce platform where you get products for your money. Perhaps shopping from the site is legit but how you earn the cash back is questionable and may not be reliable.


1 thought on “Is Trunited A Scam? – Earning Cash Back Is It Profit?”

  1. I participated in Trunited for a short while and utilized “cash back” feature for other purchases without paying a fee, so in that sense they do what they say. However, like this author, I was turned off by the terms and not knowing how exactly the rebates work. I also lost out on gift card purchases with my rebates because Trunited stopped providing the cards without notice. Though Trunited offers a limited means to track what your expected rebate should be in any given month, there are giant gaps in that process depending on what is being purchased at which vendor. Recently, Amazon signed on but only under the condition that there is NO reporting of what is purchased. The CEO said this was a necessary concession in order to build market share, but it makes no business sense whatsoever considering Trunited’s purpose. The CEO also has a fondness for talking about this business venture as “learning to fly a plane while flying it”. That was also a huge turn-off for me especially with the hassles of the terms and odd arrangements with vendors. In the end, Trunited does pay back, but you will be purchasing simply on the faith that your purchases actually count toward rebates (many don’t) and hoping that your your purchasing options aren’t suddenly restricted. My feeling in it is that the CEO had created a relatively low risk way for himself to be paid substantial sums through marketing kickbacks with a program that is legitimate, but flimsy and hardly worth pursuing as a “business venture”. You can get money back and there is nothing to lose in trying the program if you participate for free, but it is too unstable to take seriously beyond that- at least, it was 6 months ago when we last used it.

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