Is TopBuzz A Scam

Is TopBuzz A Scam? – Lets Find Out

is topbuzz a scam



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If you are a content creator you will find it necessary to find the right platform to promote content to get more viewers and followers and earn from it as well. One such platform that can help promote your content and monetize it is TopBuzz. There are numbers of people talking about this new platform online which deserves a write up to answer is TopBuzz a scam?


TopBuzz Review

TopBuzz is an online platform that offers to monetize videos and contents. Is an open platform it allows people to read, create and share contents. It has an online app that is available on Google Play and App store. Recently it seems a lot of content creators have been receiving invitations from TopBuzz to try its application claiming you can earn money from using the platform in many ways. This includes uploading content like videos and articles on your personal website, social media pages and YouTube channels and monetizing them using your TopBuzz account.

The more contents you publish the more income you earn from TopBuzz. According to them it has a better CPM as compare to other platforms where you get to earn $1 or more for a thousand views or reads on your content, not just cents as what other platforms pay. You can withdraw your earnings once it reaches the threshold of $100 through Paypal or transfer to your bank. The amount that you can earn from TopBuzz is highly dependent on the performance of your published content.


What is TopBuzz?

TopBuzz is an Asia based company that leverages on mobile device users for income. By signing up you will give TopBuzz access to display ad feeds to your social media account consisting of videos or articles. Your content will also be published on feeds of potential audience who are likely to be interested about your content.

These are generated through an algorithm based on the categories you prefer or they will automatically assign it for you. You need a Channel ID which you simply paste to your content. This way your content will be monetized with ads to which you earn a share from its revenues.





TopBuzz is a good platform for those who do not know how to monetize their content. Its import system works simple and easy as you will only need to generate your personal Channel ID and paste it to your content. Ads will appear and you can start earning per click or views from these ads. TopBuzz has an algorithm that will match your content niche. If your content has a lot of value you get to maximize your earnings with more views. TopBuzz also distributes your content to get more exposure on mobile apps with millions of users.



By using TopBuzz on your content you will be prevented to connect your content on YouTube. Because YouTube is a direct competitor TopBuzz will disable interactions of your content on YouTube videos. This prevents your YouTube followers to like or comment on your content. Your content will also disable your Adsense revenues. You also give TopBuzz control on how to run ads on your content which can be something alarming. In a way TopBuzz can actually kill your YouTube traffic. There is also no opt out tab once ads from TopBuzz starts appearing on your content. Some of your followers might find these ads annoying and may stop following your channels.


It is worth noting that once you sign up for TopBuzz you cannot delete your account. Once you realize TopBuzz is not worthy or valuable to your content you have no option to cut its access to your content other than deleting your Channel ID on each and every one where it was imported. This can take a while especially if you already imported it to several of your contents.


My Final Opinion of TopBuzz


TopBuzz has a lot of potential to be an income source for content. However, it seems that you need to be smart on deciding whether you want to use its platform exclusively or not. Some users feel that TopBuzz somewhat hijacked their social media account or content by disabling other features that can be adverse to its market like affecting your YouTube traffic and limiting access to Adsense revenues. Because of this it is common for people to ask is TopBuzz a scam? Obviously it is not.

The platform offers a legitimate way of monetizing content only you need to address the issue of exclusivity of displaying ads from TopBuzz only in your content. Also TopBuzz having the ability to control your content pages can be a big no for content creators. Especially when you have no option to disable your TopBuzz account and the process of removing your imported Channel ID on your contents individually can be a painstaking process to do in case you decide you do not want to use the platform on your content anymore.



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