Is the Easy Marketers Club A Scam – Not That Easy

is the easy marketer club a scam

Learning internet marketing is never easy. It requires commitment and focus. There is no shortcut to it and the market is filled with fake products and scammers.

This is not meant to discourage aspiring online marketers as this business can really help you make a decent amount of money. But you have to undergo extensive training and have the right mindset for you to achieve success.

There are several modules or training courses being offered online. Though most would tackle the same topics, they aren’t created exactly the same.

One product is The Easy Marketers Club. It looks to very interesting. A lot of people are opening their wallets to get this program. But is this something worth buying? Let’s find out.

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About The Easy Markets Club

If you would try to search for The Easy Markers Club online, you would come across their site with a .biz domain along with other domains that are in use and pointing to the same product.

The page contains an 11 minute video, which according to them can only be accessed if you get an actual invite. That is their way of making you feel special and advertising their product as somewhat limited, only to find out that everyone can really access the site. There is no need to fill up a form or click on something. So where is exclusivity there? That alone shows that this product is being facilitated by unethical marketers. Would you agree?

The acclaimed earnings presented by the people behind this product are roughly $630 on newbie’s first day. So that is around $5,300 weekly. Wow! That is a big amount of money! But why is this system not so popular online? Why are the top marketers not using this product?

The numbers are very unrealistic. In fact, most people would fail to earn a penny in their first week or even months.


Claims Are Just Claims

Good marketers know that a good claim or story should be there to be able to sell a product. But, there is a big difference between a story used to help people learn and get a feel for the system and lies.

Since the company knows that there are a lot of people to hate scam artists, they are offering people an access to “real” methods to fight them, for a good price of course. They consider themselves as the good guys and present their sob stories of being scammed and what they did to recover.

Seriously, would somebody still believe on this tactic? They are banking on good stories to get your trust.


The Easy Marketers Club’s Advance Software

The company claims to have advanced software, which is what they use to make money online.

They are referring to BS, which is actually accessible to all marketers unless they paid to have it personalized. There is no secret software that can generate money with just a single click or push of a button. Successful marketers sweat for their earnings and position online.


No Additional Requirements

is the easy marketer a scam

For you to be qualified for their system, all you need is a running computer.

While you do not need to be an expert to start an online business, you also won’t get far if you do not know the basics and keep up with the trend. You should know how to build a site or at least have the means to seek assistance with a professional.


Easy Marketers Club Systems Do Not Work

The company promotes a system that is automated.

Earning money automatically online will never happen! The days of auto blogs using copied contents are gone forever!

If you will use an automated system now, you may earn some for a while but it will not last long, that is for sure!



Buying The Easy Marketers Club is a waste of time and money. Their sales pitch and website alone are screaming false advertisements. This is a scam!

Why but a program that offers nothing special, especially for a high cost of almost a hundred dollars.

There are several other legit training courses that can offer you more, with realistic goals and expectations, for a much cheaper price.

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