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Have you been wondering when you could possibly have a good life? Many people want to be successful about their life in general, love, family, wealth, career and everything else. That is why many people are following Tai Lopez who offers 67 steps to success. If you are skeptical how his steps to success work and even wonder is the 67 steps a scam? here’s a review to help you sort this out.

The 67 Steps Review

At the onset it is important for you to understand what the 67 steps is all about. It is an online course that will take you to success involving health, love, wealth and happiness through the 67 steps developed by Tai Lopez. Lopez believes that it usually takes about 66 days average for a person to learn a new behavior thus he added one more step or day to give a better impression about the approach considering the negative perception about the number 66. The theme of the course is to help people learn the steps to take towards reaching a good life.

There are about 67 steps that will take you initially from the basic towards the ultimate ladder to success. Each step has corresponding title and details that you need to go through before you can achieve what he calls the good life. The steps usually begin from the basic things that you need in order to bring your perspectives about yourself and life in general back on track. The program is sold at a price of $67 which means you only pay a dollar for every step that you learn.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a self education expert who learned a lot about life himself and usually applies his personal experience towards success when designing the 67 steps to good life. He also made an intensive research when he formulated the 67 steps and is a wide reader with over 5,000 book collections. He actually shared his story on how life has been tough to him before, his struggles in life until he managed to reach what he calls a good life and able to buy himself a Lamborghini and other luxury cars like Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls Royce.

He also managed to live in one of the big mansions in Beverly Hills. Considering that he went through a lot in his life but managed to overcome the challenges that were hurdles against him, the 67 steps helped me to get through all these. Lopez advocates about finding a mentor who could help you improve your chances of becoming successful just like he did. He has about six mentors who helped him in different aspects of becoming successful. He tried many business ventures and failed many times. But because he does not give up he managed to become successful on his online education company for which he is the CEO.

Is The 67 Steps a scam

Should you try the 67 Steps

There are good reasons why you should try Lopez’s 67 Steps. The guy is known to be reputable in his field of expertise and he has several educational videos proliferating in the social media which many finds very interesting and helpful. Paying for the program seems like a worthy investment to make in order to learn crucial steps to become successful in life. More often than not people tend to overlook the basic things that can help them earn success. With the help of the 67 steps you will realize that you have been overlooking some basic but important steps towards reaching your success goals. With the help of Lopez you will learn step by step, gradually but more efficiently.

Buying the program appears to be worthy of your money that will only cost you $67. Every step comes with a video discussing in details what you need to do with the proper guiding steps to achieve your goal. There are also audio book versions available that are very audible on MP3 format. Lopez also gives very good examples for his steps and even recommended some books that can further enhance your ability to achieve success.


The program is very helpful and comes with very inspiring steps on how to overcome barriers to success and learning the positive steps to take towards achieving it. The price is affordable and comes with valuable learning and educational materials.


You need to be committed in completing the 67 videos.


If you ask is the 67 Steps a scam? it obviously is not. There are good learning materials that come with your purchase of the program and the information that come along with them are very useful and helpful.

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