Is The 100k Factory A Scam?

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The 100k Factory is a product that aims to teach people who are interested about earning money online through website creation. It is created by Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton who offer a sure way of making money online using their training tools. While this product seems to be legitimate, it is still important to ask your self is the 100k Factory a scam? just to be sure. This review will help you obtain some information to analyze whether you should trust this online product with your money.

Is the 100k Factory A Scam? –What does it offers?

At the onset, the 100k Factory offers a product consisting of affiliate marketing techniques and training on how to start building your own website to start making money. The makers of the product claim that by using their techniques you can start earning money by getting immediate traffic on your site. To sign up, subscribers have to pay the cost of the product for $2,497. You will be entitled to undergo an eight-week live training that will help walk you through the procedures and processes involved in affiliate marketing and building your own website to promote your products. There are also manuals in PDF, training videos and some business startup kits.

The pros of using the 100K Factory product

Starting your own affiliate marketing website can be quite a challenge. This is true especially when you are not so adept with affiliate marketing and managing your own website. The instructional manuals and videos can be helpful to get you started plus the live support you get from your subscription. You will also learn some PPC methods to increase your website traffic. You will also learn different ways of monetizing your website through Google Adsense, email marketing list, affiliate marketing and selling techniques to market your products.

The cons to consider before signing up

Before you sign up with the 100k Factory you should consider that the product is kind of very pricey. There are in fact other products with the same support and training tools and kits to help you start up your website while teaching you effective online marketing strategies at a less expensive price. Moreover, it is notable that you have to spend more for the affiliate ads and there is no time frame provided when you can actually start generating an income from your site using their techniques.

Doubts on their marketing strategies and methods

There is a good reason to doubt whether using the product software can really help generate traffic to your site using the 100k Factory techniques. The traffic methods that the product introduces are questionable. Their marketing strategies sometimes leave some serious doubts whether it is indeed effective because there is a lot of testing to do before you can find results and the results are actually not guaranteed. Their traffic generation software also leaves some doubt considering that it does not support search engine optimization. As can be noted, search engine optimization is crucial in generating traffic to websites from Google. Dispensing from this process will potentially make you lose a very authentic and valuable online traffic generation method. Most of the software offering to generate traffic on your site is usually bots and they simply do not work especially in building organic traffic to your website. This makes us worried about the outcomes of using their marketing strategies considering that there is no guarantee on your profit and outcome from your investment by using their marketing strategies and based on the very expensive fee to pay in using their products.

A caveat in using the software is that it is very expensive in exchange of gaining knowledge about affiliate marketing using strategies that are already known and accessible for free or for a least expensive fee online. For someone who is looking for an affordable training material and software in affiliate marketing, the 100k Factory is not for you.


If you want to get our own recommendations regarding the 100 Factory solutions we do recommend it for people who do not mind spending more expensively for online training in affiliate marketing. If you want to know is the 100k Factory a scam? we are constrained to say it is a legit business, however we do warn people about some of its dubious marketing strategies. We are inclined to say that it is quite expensive and do not provide some guarantee that their marketing solutions are effective because of the wait and see process involved. Investing on 100k Factory is quite expensive for something that is risky without guarantee of secured return of profit. There are many other sources to learn about affiliate marketing and website building that are free and without the risk of investment involved.

2 thoughts on “Is The 100k Factory A Scam?”

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for your review, it is very informative. Unfortunately, I bought the 100K course over a year ago, invested over 3K on Facebook advertising following Adan and Steve’s instructions without any sales. I sent several emails to support 100K without receiving any help or support from them.

    I try to ask questions on their Facebook group but they only thing they sent are links to buy new courses.


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