Is Smash Fund a Scam?

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Is it your first time to hear about social crowdfunding network? This sounds new to me and for many of you who might also be wondering how this could give you some income stream. Smash Fund offers this kind of income opportunity and because not everyone really understands how this really works, you will probably be enticed with its offer of earning an extra income. But before you try to venture into this you should be asking is Smash Fund a scam? Here is what I found out about the program.

Is Smash Fund a scam? – Doubtful issues about the program

Rob Towles has the most unique idea of offering to the public some sources of income using the social crowdfunding network approach. For people who are in dire need of getting some extra income, they will probably find the sales pitch of earning money through the social network platform very appealing, especially when you don’t have to do anything more than recruiting people to join Smash Fund. However, if you look beyond this marketing line, you will start to wonder how one can earn from the system? By scrutinizing Smash Fund’s site you will not get any detailed information about how the program really works in earning you an income.


Smash Fund simply introduces its system as an invite only social crowdfunding network that provides funds for the passion of its users. It only says that your social media profile will be equipped with crowdfunding features but it does not actually elaborate what features these are. I am more interested about the revenue share it advertises telling the public it shares up to 80% of its revenues to their members. According to the site, the user will have no goal requirements. This brings more confusion to me especially when I began to wonder what exactly the users need to do in order to bring revenues to the system and share the same to them. There is not much information available that can help you get a better overview on how the system works and what it can do for you exactly.

Just another MLM scam

I have a reason to believe that the Smash Fund can be another multi-level marketing scam, probably. There is not much to know about how the program works but based on what it offers on its website, you need to recruit people in order to have a share on its revenue. Initially, your access to the program is free but you will eventually get charged $149 every month. What is bothersome is that you will be required to provide your credit card information and there is no way of knowing if it is done on a secured site. Once you are in the program you should recruit people to join just like you did and then you get a share of $50 from the $149 they pay for signing up. Your additional income will also be sourced from the people whom you recruited have recruited. This structure of income sharing sounds like a pyramiding scheme which we know only works for those who are already on the upper level of the structure.


Is it worth your investment?

Joining Smash Fund does not guarantee you any income profit since you don’t have any goals to pursue in order to make the system work for you and the only thing that is clear is that you need to recruit more people to sign up in order to get your share from the income revenue. But the problem is how many people you think you can recruit since the system itself poses a lot of doubtful issues on how it actually works and there are valuable information lacking to back up its credibility and trustworthiness. It may not be worth the $149 sign up fee.


I am now more convinced to give you an answer when you ask me is Smash Fund a scam? I must say there is a big chance that it probably is. Considering the many doubtful questions that came to my mind in addition to the lack of value of the program it offers, paying $149 is a lot to pay for. You will certainly feel doubts and uncertainties on whether this program is legit and not a scam, especially when there are serious issues that its website cannot provide any answers for.

2 thoughts on “Is Smash Fund a Scam?”

  1. I joined and have seen trouble at every turn.
    I actually earned $254, which they now say is $154 for reasons that lack transparency, then charged me $3 more to take my money out after charging me $149 for the first month. BUT it gets worse. I have been trying to get my now $154 for about 2 weeks with one glitch after another. First they sent the money to Payap, which from all appearances seems to be their company as well. That did not work. Then said they would transfer funds through Paypal. After almost an hour on the phone with Paypal, they can’t help me either.
    Still no money. Now they say they are talking with their programmers.
    Am I the only one this happened to?

  2. We have also not been paid for services to the company. First told that they had payables issues, please resubmit the invoice, then cash flow problems so we may not get paid. Are they still operating?

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