Is Reward Bee a Scam

is Reward bee a scam



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It is very common to find survey panels offering different rewards or prices making it one of the options to earn online. There are different companies that offer you this kind of earn from home opportunities and companies usually differ on how they pay you for your time and efforts in answering surveys. One survey panel that catches my attention is the Reward Bee. It promotes a $30 earning per survey. This might sound too good to be true considering you can hardly find surveys paying this much. Is Reward Bee a scam you might ask. Let’s take a look on what Reward Bee offers and to see whether it is legit or not.

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 Reward Bee Review


Reward Bee is a company that connects people to different market research companies. It will offer the available surveys for each company to and will get feedback and opinions from the consumers who are willing to participate in the market research. The main idea for this kind of business is to help companies obtain feedback from the consumers on how to improve their products or services. Reward Bee serves as a platform where it publishes the different surveys coming from various companies and find people to participate in exchange of a price or reward. As a member of Reward Bee you will have access to its database of questionnaires or surveys and after completion of each you will earn a reward.


What is Reward Bee


Reward Bee will ask you to become its member to be able to participate on different surveys. In exchange of completing a particular survey you will earn a reward which is worth $30. You will be surprised how high the corresponding rewards for each survey from Reward Bee. Typically, taking surveys will only earn you cents or $5 the most per survey. Reward Bee uses this marketing scheme to attract people to participate for their high valued surveys but there is a catch. The $30 per survey is actually earned in the form of points which is valued at $30 but you cannot cash out your earnings. Instead you can use these points in exchange of magazines or some few cash back reward.


Becoming a member of Reward Bee is very easy. As compared to other survey panels that impose some qualifying questions to make you a member, Reward Bee does not make any distinguishing profile from anyone who wants to become its member. The questions are usually easy to answer and quick to finish. This makes earning $30 per survey very easy. However, it is noted that when redeeming your points for magazines you are limited to redeeming each magazine available only once in a year. Cash back points are few and this usually gives you a certain discount for services or products you want to purchase.


Is Reward Bee a Scam




Becoming a member for Reward Bee is very easy. You only need to answer some few questions and you are ready to start answering surveys and earn reward points. It is also free to join so there is nothing to lose taking surveys from this site.




While the reward for completing a survey is high the redemption options are not that exciting. Most people like to take surveys for the monetary reward but with Reward Bee you cannot cash out your money. There is also a limit of redeeming each type of magazine once a year only. Membership is limited to US residents only. Becoming a member will also put your privacy at risk because Reward Bee will use your information such as your email and address to promote different magazines, products and services. They are likely to share your information to other companies as well in order to make you a potential customer for them.


Another thing that makes me skeptical about Reward Bee is the lack of information about the company and the people who run its business. There are no about us page on their website and there is not much information available to help you get a decent information about the company. Other than the privacy page which you are required to accept to become its member there are no other information available on its webpage.


My Final Opinion of Reward Bee


Is Reward Bee a scam? I am not so sure since there are no negative reviews about it saying that it is. The way it pays the rewards for each survey panel completed does not make it a scam. Apparently, Reward Bee is a legitimate company. The only catch from participating in its survey panels is the reward that may not be so valuable unless you love to read magazines and you can use your rewards to get one for free by using your reward points from Reward Bee



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