Is Residual Revenue Secrets A Scam?

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Many people are trying to find some ways of earning money online. One of these is creating your own online business that is within the niche of your interest. It is quite a challenge on how you can start creating your own business on the internet and become successful in earning a profit from it. There are some who are offering help on how to become successful on your online business endeavor, more so how to start your own business. One of these is Jason McClain who offers the Residue Revenue Secrets to train people how to become successful online entrepreneurs. It is normal to wonder is Residual Revenue Secrets a scam? Perhaps to those who are aware of the notorious online scammers these days, it is normal to be cautious whenever they rely on some people who are claiming to be legitimate experts about a certain field only to become scammed along the process. Here is a review about Residual Revenue Secrets that will help you understand what the system is about.

Residual Revenue Secrets Review

Residue Revenue Secrets provides an online training program that will help you build your own online business. The principle behind the system is showing how to start one’s own business and not promoting other people’s business and marketing their products. It provides 3-day training for free to help you discover your own ability of starting a business online based on your interests and hobbies. If you have no idea on where to start the program will teach everything you want to know about running your own business online from identifying your own hobbies and interests, what products sell well in the market, identifying the right customers for your products, building a business plan, create a revenue system that can be repeated over again, learn to think like a millionaire and how to make your business reliable. The Residual Revenue Secrets has a step-by-step guide about starting your business online from scratch. McClain will provide some insightful inputs on how to earn and grow your online business and potentially grow your revenues from it.

Jason McClain – the person behind the Residual Revenue Secrets

You are probably wondering who is Jason McClain as being the person who created the Residual Revenue Secrets. McClain is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, business owner and a mentor to many business people. He has his own companies like Consumer Legal Solutions, Click Promise, Entrakids, High Traffic Academy just to name a few. For 20 years he was able to build his own online business expertise and able to sell more than 14 companies that he developed before. His income from using this online business program in 2015 alone has reached 12 million US dollars by starting his own businesses and then sold them out. McClain’s expertise is sought after by big companies like General Electric, Home Depot and Dell computers. He continues to develop newer and better systems and programs that will help people create their own online business and provides mentoring and trainings on interested online entrepreneurs. He has a mentoring program for over 100,000 students through his own company High Traffic Academy. He teaches how to generate traffic on a website and providing a marketing system that will help entrepreneurs a reliable return of their investments.

Benefits of Residual Revenue Secrets

There are helpful benefits from using the system of McClain through his program Residual Revenue Secrets. By going through the training period you will have the advantage of learning where and how to start your own online business and make it more sustainable that can generate you a reliable income flow. This is also a good way of doing a business based on your passion and interests while earning and enjoying of managing your own business. As you learn from the three days training program of McClain you will learn how to work smarter and even help you decide to quit your stressful job. By managing your own business online you will enjoy the flexibility of being an online entrepreneur.

What comes with your subscription

This is a 3-day program with a video training material broken down into three episodes that last about 50 to 70 minutes. The first episode teaches how to discover new products, making a revenue plan, and identifying the needs of your client. The second is building your own business and discovering which will work for you. The third is developing your own business plan. After the video training you will change your own perception about building your own business and success.


Is Residual Revenue Secrets a scam? The answer is it is not a scam. You can access the training videos for a free subscription and you will learn valuable information about how to build your own online business for free from an online entrepreneur expert.


3 thoughts on “Is Residual Revenue Secrets A Scam?”

  1. Hello all!
    What an interesting article! I had never even heard of Residual Revenue Secrets. There is an endless supply of online scams… So it’s really cool that you’re giving your own good, honest reviews! So many people are just trying to get someone on the hook and don’t give a fair rating. Keep them coming!
    Wishing you all good wealth
    Mrs. M. Lee

  2. Hi Evelyn, thanks for this great review of Residual Revenue Secrets. It really is refreshing to see that people can access another free program on how to build a business online.
    It really is a must for me if I’m going to spend money later, the ability to go for a free test drive, just like you would when buying a car.
    Do they provide any on going support like Wealthy Affiliate does, even though you are a free member?
    Thanks for this, really well done.

  3. Starting a business has always been a passion of mine. It has just been tough finding a program that I can trust. I like how you allow 3 days of training for free to see if the program will be something I will be interested. I really like the fact that it seems more of a lesson plan so that you may actually learn how to build an actual business. I definitely want to learn more.

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