Is Replace Your Job A Scam

Is Replace Your Job A Scam? – Will It Happen?

Is Replace Your Job A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Replace Your Job

OWNER NAME: Kelly Simmons


RATING:  0/10


If you are looking for another job to augment your income you are probably looking from the internet which harbors a lot of home based job offer. The internet these days cater to millions of businesses that are willing to outsource a job for online workers. If you do your research you will probably come across different kinds of online jobs that can potentially give you additional income. But what if you find a site that offers you a home based job that will likely make you decide to leave your current job. This is what Replace Your Job markets its home based job offer to people who are looking for some online work. Is Replace Your Job a scam? or a legitimate offer that can guarantee an income that will make you really replace your job now? Let’s find out in this Replace Your Job review.


Replace Your Job Review


Replace Your Job is an online site that offers you to sign up for its program to gain access to their affiliate marketing jobs and other income source job for $97. You will be charged a monthly fee for continuously using its program. Membership to the program will give you the opportunity to have access on different instructional videos that are broken down into several topics that will help you understand how to use its system to start earning your money.


What Is Replace Your Job?


Replace Your Job is an online program that gives you access to its done for you system that claims to give you the opportunity to earn commissions from $1000 to $5000 or more. By paying for the access fee of $97 you can use its instructional videos that will teach you how to earn money at home. The program also offers a one on one personal coaching privately. Replace Your Job claims that its video training materials will take you step by step on how to build your own income that will likely replace your job. Its creator Kelly Simmons claims she is a single working mom who manages to live a better lifestyle after using this program. While the site does not provide much information about the kind of job that you will be doing, it seems that the program offers link posting and affiliate marketing jobs.


The Red Flags


Are you really willing to quit your job by using the Replace Your Job system? There are a lot of reasons to believe that it is not even worth signing up for the program. First of all the site does not even provide significant information what kind of job you are going to do that will make you earn an income. The site will only narrate how enticing it is to be working at your own time and being your own boss while enjoying financial freedom. You will find generic photos of luxurious houses and cars that you can possibly buy later once you are into the program’s system.


Replace Your Job also uses a marketing video which is obviously taken from a network news video clip without authorization. It also displays the logo of the network which is obviously done to make the site more legitimate. It wants to give the impression that it is a trustworthy site by using the Verisign logo but the link does not work. It also does not have much to provide in its sales page and site regarding the company background of Replace Your Job. In fact you cannot find details about how its system actually works and how it will make you earn money. It simply displays enticing lifestyle that you can potentially enjoy once you start earning from its program to attract you to sign up.


Is Replace Your Job A Scam




There is nothing good about this program.




The site does not offer a refund for your sign up fee. It also does not have customer support to contact if you encounter problems with using its system. The danger is once you pay the fee you have no way of getting your money back.


My Final Opinion of Replace Your Job


My opinion if you ask is Replace Your Job a scam? is that it is definitely a scam! It collects an expensive fee of $97 for something you will not have a clear idea what kind of a system it is using and how the program works. You will have a vague idea what you will do after you sign up for the system. This is nothing more than a link posting and affiliate marketing scam that you should avoid 100%. The truth is, Replace Your Job might be one of those scam sites that disappear before after being exposed as a scam and resurrected again by using a different name but with the same scheme to scam people out of their money.





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