Is Remote Year a Scam?

Is Remote Year a Scam? – Travelling Have Many Other Ways

Is Remote Year a Scam?

Just like my usual day browsing through Facebook and saw a very interesting ad. There are no ways to filter all ads in your Facebook timeline. This how Facebook make money as well internet marketers make theirs share. It is called Remote Year. My curiosity make me click on it and wonder is Remote Work a scam?

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What is Remote Year?

It is a program where you sign up to travel around the world with 75 strangers over 12 cities within a year. You can join them in the start or halfway through and get dropped out anytime.

Here’s the catch, do you have a year leave that your employer allow you to take? Next option can you afford not to work for next 365 days? For me, my answer to both is No.

You will need to have your own job that can work online throughout the travelling period. As the website clearly stated, they are not a job provider.

But they have options for you.

  1. They will provide guidance on how to get your employer on board and transition yourself into a remote position for the year.
  2. They have recommended online jobs to link up to you
    Let take a look at option 1, do you think your employer allow you to go for a holiday and work at the same time? You enjoy your itinerary while “Working” and your boss paying you, I don’t think it will work. It will always be the other way round, where you will be working and your boss goes for his awesome trip with his family.

Is Remote Year a Scam?


Option 2 is likely more sensible. It is not longer a secret or mission impossible to make a living just by depend on internet. As long you have your laptop and internet access you can work it out. But if you don’t have the knowledge on how to work online or create an online business it will be quite tough. It is not going to happen overnight for anyone and I know you are wise to know that.

What’s the COST to join Remote Year?

Down payment: $5,000

Monthly (for the first 11 months): $2,000

Total: $27,000


  • All travel between destinations
  • All accommodations for the year
  • Work space with internet, accessible 24/7
  • Activities and community events

Is Remote Year a Scam?
Let make a quick calculation to join Remote Work. $27000/11 months, roughly about $2454 monthly which is kind of reasonable as show what are included.

For Whom?

From my point of view, if are an adventurous person who likes to travel to different countries to learn different culture and meet more friends. Yes, this could be great for you, provided you can sustain your income through the internet or you can afford the expenses.

If you do not like to travel, then of course it’s not for you. Also, if you struggle with monthly expenses you should not force yourself to give it a shot. It is too risky and you should go back to reality set up a good foundation and travel to the place you like within your spending ability.


Is Remote Year a Scam? Usually I give you a Yes or No answer base on my opinion. But for Remote Year it a bit too soon for me to tell. There is no red flag or ridiculous claim or guarantee about it. They also declare clearly they are not job provider.

As for me, I will rather choose to travel while I can at the moment, which I can afford without taking any risk. I love to travel and hope can reach every inch around the world.

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What do you think of Remote Year? Do you think they are legit or scams? Please feel to comment below.

3 thoughts on “Is Remote Year a Scam? – Travelling Have Many Other Ways”

  1. This program is a complete scam. It may have started out as a real program but now they’ll just take your applicaiton money and never reply back.

  2. If you had $27,000 of your own money to spend in year on travel, would you not want to arrange your traveling plans by yourself? Why would you be paying a company to do it for you? What is the point of spending so much cash to go and work abroad – makes no sense. How do you succeed with this venture? You are just paying them so that they are willing to accommodate you with certain essentials…

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