Is Quest Mindshare A Scam

Is Quest Mindshare A Scam? – Can You Make Money With Quest Mindshare?

Is Quest Mindshare A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Quest Mindshare

OWNER: Quest Global Research Group, Inc.


RATING:  8/10


If you like being a critic your opinion may be worth a dollar or more. There are different research panels that are willing to pay people for giving feedback and answering surveys and one of these is Quest Mindshare which you might come across when looking for some freelance jobs online. Is working for Quest Mindshare worth your time and can earn you money or is Quest Mindshare a scam? To better understand how the program works read this Quest Mindshare review.


Quest Mindshare Review


Based in Canada Quest Mindshare is an online research program that caters to different big corporations like Lego, Coca Cola, Bayer, Honda and Unilever as among many others. With a client base like these you can be assured that the company is legitimate. What it does is it helps company build its business by getting feedback from the consumers and doing other marketing researches that will help them improve their sites, products and services. Quest Mindshare hires people to answer surveys and give their opinions. The job is available in about 17 countries and is likely to expand more in other countries by 2018.


What is Quest Mindshare?


Quest Mindshare specializes in online research. It caters to different companies to assist them in improving their marketing efforts by designing survey panels where they hire people to do the research work and giving feedback to help companies improve its performance within its respective industries. As a job source anyone can register to join its survey panel and get paid for participating in its surveys and other research works. Registering for the site is free and all you need to do is provide your personal information which plays an important role in determining which type of survey you will get qualified to work on. Your profile is an important aspect of getting more surveys and it is divided in different categories like your education, occupation, household information, hobbies and interests, car ownership, shopping behavior, money and finance, ethnicity as among many others.


Some studies will require specific qualifications from a research panelist so you are likely to receive pre-qualification questions to determine if you are fit to answer the survey. How much you earn as a panelist will depend upon the type of the survey to complete and the length of the survey and your country. A 10 minute long survey will pay you about $3 but if you complete a music survey you can get paid for $5. Longer surveys will pay $25 and can be as high as $90. What makes Quest Mindshare unique is the inclusion of a music survey in its categories which is rarely available from other survey sites.


Payment is made through Paypal but you will need to meet its minimum payout threshold depending on your country of origin. You will also be charged a Paypal fee of 2%. Payment is not only in the form of cash but gift certificates are also available from Amazon.


Is Quest Mindshare A Scam




Quest Mindshare offers cash value and gift certificates as payment for the completion of its panel surveys. It is also free to join so you need not make an investment to earn online. The music survey from the site is quite lucrative in its payment and it is beneficial for the music lovers who want to get paid for their opinion about music. The survey lengths are manageable and the pay rate is highly competitive as other survey companies. It also has a wider reach of market from different countries which gives global panelists the opportunity to participate and earn an extra income from surveys.




The downside about working for Quest Mindshare survey panels are the demographic restrictions and specific qualifications which can disqualify you from joining a particular survey. Answering the pre-qualification questions to determine if you are fit for the survey can also take your time only to end up not qualified to take the survey.


My Final Opinion of Quest Mindshare


Joining Quest Mindshare can be a good source of income since you get paid for every survey you complete. So if you ask is Quest Mindshare a scam? the obvious answer is it is not but rather it is a legitimate paying survey panel worth your time. However, there may be some downsides because of some restrictions on qualifications on some surveys to which you will not be eligible to take. The pay is good enough to earn you money if you are able to complete as many surveys as you can qualify. The site is legitimate but you may not consider this as a reliable source of income considering that the surveys available may be limited based on your profile.


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