Is Profit Reign A Scam

Is Profit Reign A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Profit Reign
OWNER: Paul Prissick and Mark Barret
RATING: 4/10


There are so many internet marketing products these days that sell out because of the get rich quick scheme that tends to fool so many unsuspecting and newbie internet marketers. While earning $200 a day is something that sounds so fascinating to many that will entice them to make an investment in exchange of a bigger profit, they should be warned not to easily fall from this trap. Profit Reign is one of these products that promise a one-of-a-kind method that will help you increase your conversion rate without the need of doing anything because the system is programmed in autopilot. But is Profit Reign a scam?

Profit Reign Review

Profit Reign is a product created by Paul Prissick and Mark Barret. They introduce software called PushEngage which they claim can help in increasing your website’s conversion rate, thus increases your sales. The software will cost you $29 per month but comes with a free trial version that will give you limited features only of 120 notifications, 2500 subscribers and 5000 clicks as compared to the paid pro version which features are unlimited.

One needs to have a website where they need to connect with the PushEngage software. Whenever someone visits your site a pop up appears that will give your visitor an option to subscribe for push notifications. By clicking yes they will receive notifications from your website from time to time even if they no longer visit your site. The notifications can appear even while they are surfing the web. This process will help improve traffic to your internet marketing site which can boost your sales.

What is Profit Reign?

Profit Reign, through its software called PushEngage will help boost your traffic thereby increasing your site conversion rate. It suggests using solo ads in order to get more email lists where to promote your business. The list is usually provided by companies with a list of their own email subscribers which easily help your business get wider reach and traffic. It primarily caters to newbie internet marketers and offering a potential income of $243.17 per day and comes with a free traffic. It claims that its system will make you money from day one of using it. It even advertises that the amount you can earn from it will be enough reason to make you quit your job and no special technical skills are needed in order to start earning money.

It describes its system as the “epitome of a simple system that gets big results fast.” All you need to do is set up your Profit Reign account and then start your marketing campaigns using its effective method for earning passive income and wait for your income to roll with an average of $200 per day or more sales. The product comes with a video training program on the step by step method of setting up your business and start making money. This is also supported with a Fast Profit Cheat Sheet on how to use Profit Reign more efficiently.


The cost of the software entails minimal investment to make. It does provide some information on some training methods to improve traffic on your site.


Is Profit Reign A Scam


Using the solo ad suggestion of Profit Reign is risky and expensive even for a beginner and advanced internet marketers. Spending $100 for solo ads does not give you assurance that it can cover the cost of the advertising since its potential high converting offers may not necessarily translate into sales. The trainings provided in the program are not enough and with limited information and you will likely look for more information from other sources as the information it provides is not thorough and detailed. The claim on the earnings when using the program seems overhyped. The information on how the system works is actually insufficient to give you a more detailed understanding about the program.

My Final Opinion of Profit Reign

There are so many products claiming that their methods is the best or one-of-a-kind and is capable of earning you massive income without really spending more time and effort along the process. But we know that there is no get rich quick scheme that works passively without the need of investing time, effort and an effective method that will give you more productive results. Profit Reigns offers a risky method on boosting your traffic using solo ads and it does not provide sufficient explanation on the detailed process how its product works. Is Profit Reign a scam? I don’t think so since the money you pay for comes with a product and training materials. What makes me doubtful about this program is that its claims on earning are totally overhyped and perhaps unrealistic. Its system is quite risky for your investment so it is best to be cautious when using this program.


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