People are always looking for ways to make fast and easy cash online. That’s what Pay In Night promises. According to the people behind it, you can make at least $500 upon signing up and a guaranteed $1500 in your first week alone. also promises that you can generate a profit from their system by doing simple tasks which will only take around 5 to 10 minutes to do. Sounds tempting, but let’s take a look if this system really lives up to its promise or it’s just one of those numerous scams out to get your hard earned money.

Product Name: PAY IN NIGHT

WHAT IS PAYINNIGHT.COM? claims that they are the latest innovation when it comes to internet job website where members will have to simply complete some tasks in order to earn money. They also claim that you will be guaranteed a pay-out of $1500 on your first week by simply completing tasks that will last about 5 to 10 minutes only.



Payinnight.comBecoming a member is easy, all you have to do is to provide a username, password and your email address, None of these information are confirmed, so all you have to do is to type them once and you’re logged in. After logging in, you will then be taken to your dashboard and you will see a $25 new account bonus in your account.

The simple task that is claiming is actually a link that you will need to share on your social media accounts. They say that you will be paid $10 for every person who will click that link and sign up. Once your account has reached $300, you can then cash it out through PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, check or bank transfer.

According to them, they get paid by their advertisers for the traffic they will be generating from them and you will be paid from the commission they will get from these advertisers. The website does not have any advertising on it nor does it have any links to any other sites.


WHAT’S THE CATCH? is not going to pay you even if you get $300 in your account. This scam is actually operated and owned by the same people who run the scam My Early Cash. This website also promises the same things to their members and does not pay as well.

When your account has enough money to guarantee a pay-out, you will see a link on your dashboard which says, “Click Here To Get Your Earning”. However, when you click on that link, you will be redirected to another website named does not contain any details on how you will get paid. It’s simply a page where it will prompt you to download a file in a pdf format. There are no information whatsoever on how you can get your payment. You can’t even download the pdf file unless you first go through completing a CPA offer in exchange for a free gift card or something similar to that.

The catch of is to get you to fill out this offer wherein they will make actual money from you. Every time someone complete one of the offers, the owners of will earn somewhere around $1 to $5. They are simply tricking you in order for them to earn money.



  •  Signing up is free
  • Sharing links are quite easy



  •  You will not get paid
  • A waste of time
  • They are just tricking you for their own greed


VERDICT is another fake website and a scam which gives false promises to anyone who wants to make money online. Their claims of a $500 income today as well as $1500 on your first week are not true. You can waste your time sharing links on you social media accounts but you will not be able to to cash out your earnings. You’ll end up with nothing as well as annoyed friends from spamming these links.




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