Is Paydays At Home a scam? Don’t even wait for it to pay you.

Review on Paydays At Home

Product Name: Paydays At Home

Owners: Sue Thompson and Amy Sanders


Price: $97

Rating: 1/100


I have seen many of my friends being duped by scammers and me included. Let me tell you a bit of my story.. about being scammed! It was in 2011, I was browsing the newspaper and stumbled upon a advert on Real Estate Investment. The advert was so catchy that I decided to sign on for a sneak peak. Well, I even rope in my sister for the sneak peak.

We were introduced to a speaker, a really good speaker on that sneak peak. The classroom was not that pack, I think around a couple of us, less than 10 people. Wow! We got through the motion and well, we were impressed on the multiple properties that they have acquired. At the end of the day, they informed us to enrol into their 2 days seminar to discover how they did their properties purchase. How much does it cost? 2000 bucks!

I didn’t think and paid for it in instalments via a credit card. You know what happen thereafter? Well, the seminar was nothing fantastic, I really didn’t learn anything, most of the things they taught me I have already know. I mean what the hell! I am wasting my money for this kind of service and I have to buy my own lunch and dinner for 2 days!

Well, they promised me the sky when I signed up for the seminar and what I get was peanuts. I think the company now has already folded as the CEO was caught selling overseas properties without a licence and my guess, many of her followers were dumb struck by this. It was a pity for all her followers and my money gone down the drain. It was a well taught lesson for me being naïve in getting scammed so easily.

This is my part of the story, only part 1, I have some other scammed story that I will share, true story, my true story.

So are you ready to read my review? Let’s move on.

What is Paydays At Home?

Have you heard of multiple spam sites or link posting scams?

Well, Paydays At Home is one of those sites doing this type of spam techniques for monetary gains. It will cost you $97 for their membership and I honestly can tell you that I got no idea what are they selling aside from the link posting technique they are using.

Everybody knows that the one most important thing in an online business is traffic. Without traffic, you can’t get sales if you are an affiliate. How do you get traffic to your websites? There are a couple of ways to do it like blogging, product review which is free or you can do with solo ads, paid ads, email marketing, etc or link posting.

So, to make it as simple as possible, link posting is one way to make money online. Link posting still works today and usually big companies pays people to post links for them on their website and should the link are clicked, the website owners gets paid.

From my observation, there are a couple of review sites that Paydays At Home did to get ranking on Google. Well, you can view this sites as follows.

All of this site comes to Paydays At Home landing page. This is something too fishy and I guess this is some duplicate sites. The rule is Paydays At Home knows the knowhow on beating the system and in a long run, they will be outdone by Google.

So, do you trust this system?

Should you join Paydays At Home?

Please don’t.

The thing about this product is to scam you into buying useless upsells and services. You do not know what are they selling and it is not featured in their landing page only a few sentences which tells you that you can make money online with their system. There are no videos explaining their products, no pictures illustration, just a few sentences and that’s it.


So, should you join them? No, not in a million years.

I don’t think there is any benefits in joining Paydays At Home. If you check the landing page, you will noticed, Paydays At Home have featured in popular channels like CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, ABC, etc. Don’t be deceived by all this hype, they are not featured in all these site, this is just lame marketing campaign they are using. This is false advertising and complete scam!



I have to give a credit for the efforts Paydays At Home has done to get their sites up and running. 1 point to be exact. This is the lowest rating that I have given on a product review.

I have no idea on the product they are selling and am not interested to put my name in their subscriber list. No way. I am better of doing other product reviews than getting disturb by their marketing partners to buy their scammy products.

The thing about me as an IM is to source for the best product to apply to my online business. The best product for me is still my #1 recommend product which is Wealth Affiliate. I have also other products which I find useful for users like you who are new to internet marketing. You can check it out below on my reviews.

Strategies on Internet Marketing4

I have tested quite a number of products on the market, some are good and some are rotten apples. The money spend on these products are used wisely and that’s where I did my reviews. The products that are good, I have posted and will recommend them to users like you. It is not about recommending my #1 product to you and that’s it. My aim here is to let you know on the selection of the products you will need for your online business, be it affiliate marketing or your own product. You will need tools to supplement and incorporate them to your website and to create traffic and in return you will get sales.

This is my opinion and it is up to you to judge and progress.

So if you want to know more about internet marketing, create a website with authority and learn for FREE, you can read my #1 product review or you can join my 5 days email course on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

See you again. Feel free to share and comment below. Thanks.

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