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People who are in search for career opportunities no longer spend time with reading newspapers or going door to door to apply personally to companies. The use of the web in the job market has totally changed the way people look for jobs.


While it is true that there are several job websites available online, making it simpler for both the employers and the applicants to find what they are looking for, not all promises a continuous income as some are not legit. You have to be careful in choosing the online company and the type of work you register to. is one of the several websites that promises earnings through surveys. In this review or write up, we will try to focus on how it works and if it is a legit way to earn money and build a career online.


What is is an online company that promises to offer survey. However, after you have registered or signed up, you would eventually discover that its way of earning is through referral alone. So now you start asking questions like “how can you earn through this site?”


You will be promised to be paid approximately $5-10 dollars per referral. Upon signing up or registration, you will be given an initial bonus of $25.


How does works?


Signing up is fast and free. You just need to enter an email address and set a password.


As mentioned earlier, there are no other tasks to do except for referral. You will be given a link you are supposed to advertise on different social channels – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, chats, Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, and other advertising websites.


It does not make use of an anti spamming policy. So spamming is legit and is believed to be beneficial.


How do you get your earnings from


There is a minimum balance required ($300) before you can withdraw your funds through several payment portals. You can choose to get your cash through Western Union, Paypal, Cheque, Moneygram, or at any bank every end of the month.

How much can you earn from


You can earn as much money as you can; it will solely depend on the number of promotions you have made on different portals. Though most of the top earners claim to make $300 daily or an average of $5000 monthly, this is quite hard to believe. These seem to be false advertisements to attract more people to join the group.


Does pay their members?

No. Sad but true. Basically, this is just another scam website, as per the testimonies of those who have tried signing up for the service.


Based on reviews, once you have reached a total earning of $300, you will be given surveys to finish and some offers. These surveys are quite hard or impossible to complete. This is how the site will make money from you.


Is scam? What’s the verdict?


YES. Why?


The concept of the online job market is to provide a legit way for people to earn money. But just like, there are several other companies who provide false advertisements and fraudulent services. If you cannot withdraw your earnings easily, then what is the sense of working for them online?


There is also not enough information about the owner of the website. The company’s background is likewise not searchable. These are very common among scammers.


The website is likewise not encrypted. Legit companies always use https to protect their members and clients.


Deleting of an account is not possible, which makes you tied up to the company for good.


Testimonials are fake. Some good reviews are from paid people. is a scam!






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