Is Panel Bucks A Scam

Is Panel Bucks A Scam





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Giving your opinion now comes with a price. At least that is what most survey panel websites are trying to make you believe by enticing you to sign up for their program in making product reviews or giving feedback about a certain website products and services while offering you a reward for doing so. There are many legit companies that exist in the internet but there are also ones that are purely bogus and a scam. One of these site is the Panel Bucks which offers you different programs to join while promising some bucks coming to your pockets by joining. But most people will likely wonder is Panel Bucks a scam?


Panel Bucks Review


Panel Bucks is an online site that offers you some kind of an income by joining various survey programs that can help you earn money from home. These programs mostly will require you to try out a product or visit a website and give your feedback to help the company improve their business. In return you will get paid for your time and effort in completing each survey. Each survey program comes with different payment rates and you need to join or sign up individually to become a part of their survey panels. Just how much you earn will depend on the kind of survey panel you join. Some will pay in cash while others will give you a reward or prize in exchange.


What Is Panel Bucks Job


Panel Bucks offers different survey programs to join and each with its own mechanics and compensation. Its website displays several programs that offer different kind of tasks to do and get paid in return by giving your feedback or review.  According to the site, the pay for each program will largely depend on the length of the survey and the type of tasks to do. Simple review will usually pay $10 while joining a focus group will earn you at least $100. Some programs will not pay in cash but will give you a reward or prize of value. The site will encourage you to sign up to as many programs as you can for better chances of qualifying to a survey and earn more.


The site displays programs like Cash from Home, Shop Tracker, Ipsos Panel, Product Testing US: iPhone X, Swagbucks Survey, Opinion Outpost, Opinion Plus, Opinion Bureau, iSurvey World, Toluna Opinion, Mindfield Online Panel and Pinecone Research. These sites look legitimate but there are some very alarming signs that will make you think twice before considering that the Panel Bucks itself is legit.


Is Panel Bucks A Scam


What Makes Panel Bucks Dubious in Character


While Panel Bucks present legitimate survey panels or programs on its site, there are many issues casting doubts to its legitimacy. It appears that each panel program displayed on the site of Panel Bucks are integrated with fishy URLs. When you click on the link from the Panel Bucks you will be redirected to a different site instead of the site of the panel program that was published on the Panel Bucks webpage. If you have your own antivirus you will instantly receive a warning that you are being redirected to a phishing URL. You are lucky if you have a reliable antivirus which will block access to the program. Unfortunately, for those who have no antivirus the phishing URL will give you the impression that you are being taken to a legitimate website. The risk and danger if the phishing URL runs undetected is you can easily trust the site and you will be enticed of giving your personal information like your email address, passwords and most of all your bank accounts.


The phishing URLs look so cleanly copied from the legitimate survey sites that you can easily believe the site is legit. Some of the links will show some actionable webpage where you will be asked to download a program or file that will be needed on the task that you will do. Downloading executable files from these URLs is dangerous as it will give hackers an access to your computer files and programs.


My Final Opinion of Panel Bucks


Is Panel Bucks a scam? The fact that the site is associated to phishing URLs makes it a very dubious website that puts its legitimacy in question. I do not recommend Panel Bucks because of the dangers of taking you to unscrupulous sites that will make you prone to hackers and making your personal and bank information vulnerable to third parties. There is no income that comes with using Panel Bucks site as a source of finding survey programs. As a matter of fact, considering the links do not actually take you to the legit site of a survey company means that this site is not playing fair play among its website visitors.



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