Is Opinion City A Scam

Is Opinion City A Scam? – Not A Place For Opinion

Is Opinion City A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Opinion City

OWNER NAME: unknown


RATING:  1/10


One way to earn money online is participating on surveys. Many people are very open to engage in this kind of money making opportunity and you can find many sites that offer this kind of a work to earn money from. Finding paid survey sites can be tasking. It is a welcoming idea to consider finding a website that will refer you to different survey panels in a single site such as the Opinion City. The site provides you various leads on marketing research companies that can potentially give you the chance to participate on their surveys or giving your opinion and get paid for it. But there is something odd about the site where I cannot help but wonder is Opinion City a scam?


Opinion City Review


Opinion City appears to provide a good place to start searching for various paid survey sites where you can give your opinion, answer questions and get paid for your time in doing so. However, it is not a survey site itself. It merely operates as an affiliate marketer in referring different paid survey sites or marketing research companies. It earns for every sign up of people that is taken to these sites through its affiliate link which is posted on the Opinion City website. This Opinion City review will provide you insights about how its system works and to help assess whether it s a site worth relying in getting paid for your opinion.


What Is Opinion City


Opinion City posts different survey panels on its website where you can read the reviews on each and decide whether you want to join or not. As stated earlier it is not a survey site itself but rather simply provides you the different paid survey sites. You need to register for each and every survey site you choose from the Opinion City site. Because Opinion City uses affiliate marketing it earns every time one signs up to the survey panel site referred by Opinion City. Some of these survey panel sites will pay Opinion City for each sign up for $1 to $5. However, while some of these survey panel sites are legitimate some are not. Some of the survey sites referred by Opinion City have earned negative reviews for being scam sites. There are also some negative things about Opinion City that made me consider it as not a safe site to engage with.


Unreliable Survey Panel Links


Opinion City posts different survey panel links on its web page. Some links work while some do not. You will find a “Read Full Review” tab which takes you to another page where information about a particular survey panel is found. You will then find a “Click Here To Join” tab. Some of these links are broken while a few work. But there are some links that will take you to a different site to spin a wheel in order to win a jackpot or to a site where you need to watch movie streaming and pay a membership fee. These links are odd and while you keep signing up on these sites Opinion Panel continuously earn from its affiliate links while you are likely to spend if you opt to sign up for a membership fee on some of these survey sites without the guarantee that you will earn.


Bad survey sites


It is obvious that Opinion City does not choose thoroughly the survey sites it refers from its website. Some of the survey panels found on its site have negative reviews and some are marked as scam sites.


Is Opinion City A Scam


Tricky way to get your contact information from newsletter subscription


From the Opinion City landing page you will find an offer to subscribe for its newsletter that will make you eligible to win the $50 weekly drawing on Facebook. However, upon signing up you just find yourself being taken to different sites that no longer mention the prize draw. By signing up you freely gives your consent to receive emails from Opinion City and other forms of communications from its affiliate, agents and contractors. This seems to be a tricky way of getting your contact information like emails and you have no way of knowing how Opinion City will use this. It is possible that it may have sold your email to third party where they can send you spam emails and unsolicited marketing emails that can flood your inbox!


My Final Opinion of Opinion City


Is Opinion City a scam? I cannot affirm it is completely a scam site since it does refer people to some legitimate paid survey sites. However, considering how its system works there is no guarantee that you will be directed to safe sites. It is obvious that Opinion City’s concern is to earn from its affiliate links without screening thoroughly the quality and legitimacy of the sites it refers from its website. You are better off giving your opinion from survey panels that you research on your own while making sure that those are not scam sites.


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